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Forest Admin for web development agencies

Forest Admin is the go-to solution for digital agencies willing to deliver state of the art Admin Panels to their clients, ensure tight project delivery time and focus their efforts on customer-facing applications.

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We help digital agencies build proficient and tailored Admin Panels in very short timeframes

We enable our partners to deliver proficient back offices quickly and easily and achieve operational excellence for any project, from the simplest to the most complex ones.

Use integrations in your Admin Panel and reconcile your data
We are already partnering with some of the best digital agencies worldwide to help them build great internal tools for their clients.

What does Forest Admin bring to digital agencies?

Our low code, stack agnostic and fully-featured admin panel framework enables you to:


Eliminate the design, development and maintenance of your projects' admin tools


Shorten your projects' time-to-delivery


Save time for your developers to let them focus on customer-facing applications

What does the program consist of?

Our tailored partnership program gives you access to full-service support with the assistance of our dedicated Success Squad, including:

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1 Account Manager

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1 Solutions Engineer

Available throughout each of your project's implementation and iteration phases, providing strategic and technical support and assisting you to:

Train your developers on the framework
Implement your projects through our dedicated onboarding program
Meet mutually agreeable launch deadlines
Guide your clients after project delivery
Why do we do that?

We are confident our web agencies' partners strongly benefit from our solution and use it on a regular basis. Providing tailored support and training is highly valuable both for developers to become at ease on the framework and gets highly strategic when they start using Forest Admin to implement complex use-cases, which is the very raison d'être of our product!

Sandro Munda, CEO

Free of charge
Tailored support
No commitment required
Limited implementation time

Our partners talk about it!

Theodo Avatar

We decided to work with Forest Admin for the admin panel side of this project as it enabled us to spend most of our efforts on building a thorough customer-facing application. The framework enabled us to build a POC in just 4 weeks and the complete admin panel in record time

Matters Avatar

Forest Admin's team provided great support in the onboarding of this complex project. They helped us implement a wide set of smart actions and overall build the front and back office hand-in-hand, which was very valuable for significant projects like this one

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