Forest Admin new pricing model: Free with unlimited users

Forest Admin opens its Free plan to unlimited users

Forest Admin new pricing model: Free with unlimited users

We at Forest Admin have proven that we never hesitate to stand for what we believe in, even if it means taking serious risks. This is what we did in 2017 when we sacrificed our income to focus entirely on product adoption through innovative features – and it paid off.

We have always given our best effort to understand the needs of growing businesses to help them in the long run, which constitutes the heart of our mission. This is why, five years later and after dozens of pricing iterations, we are releasing a major pricing update.

Working with beautiful companies that trust Forest Admin every month and that employ thousands of people gave us enough confidence to make this move.

We feel that this change better reflects what we thrive to achieve: better support our clients' different stages of growth.

Free plan

We’re thrilled to introduce our first pricing plan, which is free with unlimited users!

This means that regardless of how many people use Forest Admin in your company, you'll never be charged a penny.

We're not crazy 🤪 Offering Forest Admin for free with unlimited users allows us to make our product accessible to more people so that all may reap the benefits of having a powerful, easy-to-use admin panel from day 1.

It's been our mission from the beginning to make developers’ lives easier, and what could be better than offering our product for free?

So if you're a developer, we encourage you to sign up for a free account and check out Forest Admin.

We're a business, which means that we still need to generate revenue to keep the lights on and Forest Admin running.

That's why we offer paid plans for businesses that need more features than the free plan offers. For these businesses, we provide premium support and tailored solutions that help them scale.

Team plan

As a company scales, there is an increasing need for granular control over roles and permissions within the admin panel. This is often the first area that needs to be addressed when scaling a company's operations.

There are many different factors to consider when setting up roles and permissions, and it is important to get it right to avoid any disruptions in the company's operations.

Our "Role-based permissions" allow you to have a clear overview of who can do what on the Admin Panel – and adjust it at will.

It's also important to be able to configure different views for various users of your Admin Panel. This allows you to tailor the experience for each employee, and ensure that they only see the information that's relevant to them.

For example, a C-level executive will not see or use an admin panel in the same way as a developer who needs more technical data. Likewise, an operational person will need to see the data in a specific way to do their work efficiently.

Forest Admin lets you create different layouts that meet your teams’ needs through our "Teams and Layouts" feature.

To take full advantage of these features that give you all the necessary tools for a team to collaborate efficiently and securely, you will need to pay $15 per user. Given that this is the first step in operational team-building, we have decided to keep the entry cost to a minimum to ease your growth.

Pro plan

Since 2017, we've been lucky enough to accompany hyper-growing startups and large corporations with several thousand active employees within the same Forest Admin project.

These years have allowed us to fully grasp the operational challenges of these companies operating in various industries, and to provide the adequate features to accompany them in the long term.

If you're looking for the best toolchain to help you scale your business, the Plus plan is the way to go.

We've gathered all of these features under one plan to make your decision easier. To name a few, this includes all of the advanced security features like "SSO, IP Whitelisting, Auto logout, …", the advanced workflow features like "Approval workflows, Notes & Task assignment", and even branding features like "custom domain, white labeling, …"

It will cost $60 per user to take full advantage of this offer.

Enterprise plan

We know that many businesses have specific pricing needs. Whether it's for custom billing, the need for SLAs, specific accompaniment, or volume-based discounts, we're used to working hand-in-hand with each client to come up with a price that makes sense and establishes a long-term relationship based on trust.


  • The first plan is free and includes unlimited users.
  • The second plan ($15 /user/mo) is for teams and includes role-based permissions and the ability to create different layouts.
  • The third plan is paid ($60 /user/mo) and includes premium support and gives you access to the entire feature package

At Forest Admin, we're not all about penny-pinching. What interests us most is being there for you in the long run. At every step of the way, from day one until always.

If you want to try our product, you know what to do by signing up here: Get Started for Free