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Use cases from top performing startups

Customer Success

Whether you're operating a B2B software or running an eCommerce website, you're striving to succeed in keeping your customer onboard. Forest provides you with the right tool to satisfy those much-vaunted customer, prevent them from churning and empower them on the long-run. Start driving revenue by capitalizing on your existing customer base!

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Customer Support

Your customers are your most valuable asset, taking extra-care of them is in your DNA and you wouldn't miss an opportunity to deliver an outstanding service. Whether it's to create an account, reset a password or simply make a refund, Forest provides you with a standalone interface where you can perform actions to better handle your customer's requests.

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Business Operations

Your operation team are too busy putting out fire, jumping from one spreadsheet to another without ever stepping back and looking for room of improvement? Forest increase the productivity of your team by allowing you to consistently streamline your processes into one standalone interface to help you deliver your service more efficiently!

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Top Management

Give access to the KPIs your C-level managers need to make the best decision. Forest let them follow-up on their business unit processes by going through each workflows or simply give them an insight on the latest activity made on the platform through the audit trail feature.

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Forest is a new kind of SaaS

It's Your Data, not ours.

By design, your data transits only between your servers and your browser. Forest never has access to it.

It's Your Code, not ours.

Forest never has access to your server code.
Our Open Source plugin gives you a 100% guarantee over your ownership.

Reliable and Long-Lasting

Built with Enterprise needs in mind, we guaranty reliability and include Service Level Agreements in our Enterprise Plans.

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