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Rails Admin Interface

Find out why ambitious companies use Forest as a Rails Admin alternative.

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A More Flexible Rails Admin
For Rails developers, by Rails developers.

Interface Builder

A Rails admin interface you can organize your dashboard without writing a line of code. Or re-organize it later without writing a single line. It’s a real no-brainer!

No Learning Curve

Forest uses the same standards you already know and love, relying on Rails conventions, REST APIs, and JSON API. Focus on writing only the code that is truly unique to your business.

Business Ready UX

Charts and Smart Views (Maps, Calendar, …) can be added in a few clicks, even without code. It’s easier than Excel!

Plug Forest into your Rails application

Instant setup

Install the Forest Gem in your application to generate an admin REST API and instantly set up your admin interface.


Data Privacy & Security

By design, all your data remains invisible to our servers.
It's easy to get HIPAA or PCI compliance with Forest. We never get access to your data.

Details in the documentation

Connect all the tools you love in a single interface


Enhance user details with session data (e.g. location, browser, platform) and a list of your conversations.


Complete user details with a list of their Stripe payments, invoices, and credit cards.

Google Analytics

Fuel your dashboard with your audience chart, reached goals, etc.


Keep track of user actions with event triggers to learn how people use your application.


Complement user details with info about all the marketing campaigns they’ve received.


Retrieve information from meetings and keep an eye on your ‘sales ready’ users.


Follow up on all external communication with your users directly in your admin.


Understand your overall user experience and build strong customer relationships.


Integrate data like conversion rates from your marketing campaigns in your user profiles.


Link your pipeline to your active users to get a clear view of your business opportunities.


Follow up delivery status per user directly in your admin.


Connect the service to track, analyze and optimize your digital marketing performance.

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