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Forest Admin VS Rails Admin

Forest Admin provides an off-the-shelf administration panel based on a highly-extensible API hosted on your servers.

Forest Admin is designed for developers working on small and large projects alike.

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Fully-featured out of the box

Get your admin panel up and running in a flash with all the features you expect from an advanced product.


All of your CRUD operations are natively supported. The API automatically supports your data models' validation and allows you to easily extend or override any API routes' with your very own custom logic.

Search & Filters

Forest Admin has a built-in search allowing you to run basic queries to retrieve your application's data. Set advanced filters based on fields and relationships to handle complex search use cases.

Sorting & Pagination

Sorting and pagination features are natively handled by the Admin API. We're continuously optimizing how queries are run in order to display results faster and reduce the load of your servers.

Custom Actions

A custom action is a button which allows you to trigger an API call to execute a custom logic. With virtually no limitations, you can extend the way you manipulate data and trigger actions (e.g. refund a customer, apply a coupon, ban a user, etc.)


Sometimes you need to export your data to a good old fashioned CSV. Yes, we know this can come in handy sometimes :-)


Get in app access to a subset of your application data by doing a basic search or typing an SQL query or implementing an API route.


Forest Admin is able to tap into your actual data to chart out your metrics using a simple UI panel, a SQL query or a custom API call.


The WYSIWYG interface saves you a tremendous amount of frontend development time using drag'n'drop as well as advanced widgets to build customizable views.


Code your own views using JS, HTML, and CSS to display your application data in a more appropriate way (e.g. Kanban, Map, Calendar, Gallery, etc.).

Team-based Permissions

Without any lines of code, manage directly from the UI who has access or can act on which data using a team-based permission system.

Third-party Integrations

Leverage data from third-party services by reconciling it with your application’s data and providing it directly to your Admin Panel. All your actions can be performed at the same place, bringing additional intelligence to your Admin Panel and ensuring consistency.

Notes & Comments

Assign your teammates to specific tasks, leave a note or simply comment a record, thereby simplifying collaboration all across your organization.

Activity Logs

Monitor each action executed and follow the trail of modification on any data with an extensive activity log system.

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