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The operational admin platform for your e-commerce business

Discover how Forest Admin strengthens your e-commerce business by reconciling your customer, order, payment, shipping and return, inventory management.

As an e-commerce, direct-to-consumer or digitally native brand, the internet has become a central part of your business. You need to adopt emerging technology to leverage customer-experience-enhancing benefits and expand your business scope by breaking traditional limitations. Digital agility is key to meeting the forces in the e-commerce market effectively. This requires building resilient and flexible operating models that need a powerful and tailored admin panel.

Forest Admin can help you improve your key business metrics, such as reducing your order processingm time, decreasing your set-up costs and increase your operational efficiency.

What value does Forest Admin bring to e-commerce companies?

A big part of a company's success will reside in its ability to execute faster and better than others. In a fully dematerialized service, internal tools developed towards customer's operations will play a key role in helping you achieve operational excellence.

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Gear up your operational teams

with the admin tools they deserve without wasting time developing it

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Give autonomy to your teams

with an admin panel tailored to your operational needs and 100% customizable UI

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Scale your operations

without making any compromise on your operational efficiency


Here's a selection of a few use cases for which our e-commerce clients use Forest Admin the most

Forest Admin Insights Icon

Customer Insights

Forest Admin Search Icon

Deep-dive into your customers

Forest Admin Camera Icon

Get the full picture of your customers

As the success of your business is largely dependent on the knowledge you have of your customers, you need to be able to have a good picture of your customers to drive their satisfaction.

Thanks to Forest Admin, an operational manager can, with the click of a button, learn all there is to know about for a particular customer. He or she can see what makes most sense first, such as the account details, the orders made and the type of enrolled subscription plans. This enables your team to have a full overview of your customers to make faster and smarter decisions. Your operational people can easily adapt this view, without having to consult your development teams.

With Forest Admin it has become so much easier to understand our customers. In just one look, we can see all there is to know about a customers' records, which helps in better serving them.

Daniel Archer, Engineering Lead at Ritual

Features required

Forest Admin Summary icon

Summary Views

Forest Admin Zap icon

Smart Actions

Forest Admin Segments icon

Smart Segments

Forest Admin Screen Representing Customer Insights
Forest Admin Orders Processing Icon

Order Processing Management

Forest Admin Lists Icon

List your Orders

Forest Admin Luggage Icon

Collect your Orders

Forest Admin Eye Icon

Quality Check your Orders

Forest Admin Box Icon

Package and Label your Orders

When dealing with a large set of complex orders on time constraints, it is essential to have a comprehensive overview of the important aspects of your orders. This is a prerequisite to set yourself up for operational success.

Thanks to Forest Admin, you can easily track your orders in a visually attractive way that makes sense to your operations. Order collection, quality control and packaging can all be coordinated from your admin panel. Using Smart Segments and Smart Actions it requires minimal effort to set-up workflows for your operational teams responsible for the different tasks.

Thanks to our Forest Admin admin panel, our operational teams can always see the status of any of the orders that are being processed by our company, which makes customer support and daily operations a whole lot easier.

Mathieu Kudla, Co-Founder, CTO at Panopli

Features required

Forest Admin Edit icon

Smart Views

Forest Admin Segments icon


Forest Admin Actions icon

Smart Segments

Forest Admin Screen Representing Order Processing
Forest Admin Shipping Icon

Shipping Management

Forest Admin Tracking Icon

Track your parcels

Forest Admin Info Icon

Get status updates on your parcels

Forest Admin Zap Icon

Take action if needed

Once your operators processed an order, you need to get the products to your customers in the most efficient way possible. Maintaining a simple overview of the shipping status and details is vital to your operational success.

Thanks to Forest Admin, you will no longer have to switch between the platforms or your different shipping partners. Using Summary Views and Smart Segments you can monitor all the data coming from your partners and act upon them, straight from your admin panel using the Smart Actions. You can, for instance, send a templated email, notify your shipping partner that something went wrong or (re)submit required customs documents.

With our Forest admin panel, it has become a lot easier to track our shipped items. Now we centralize all our data into one overview from which we can act if something goes wrong or needs changing.

Mike Mayer, Product Manager at Shippabo

Features required

Forest Admin Map icon

Smart Views

Forest Admin Zap icon

Smart Actions

Forest Admin Segments icon

Smart Segments

Forest Admin Screen Representing Shipping Management
Forest Admin Payment Icon

Payment Management

Forest Admin Search Icon

Deep-dive in your payments

Forest Admin Analytics Icon

Monitor payment issues and fraud

Getting paid by your customers is key to keep your operations running and your business growing. Dealing with the payments of customers however is not always a natural process as you need to be able to reconcile the data from your third-party payment provider with your customer data.

Thanks to Forest Admin, an operational team member can see the status of payments and deep-dive into the records linked to the payment. With this monitoring potential fraudulent transcations, and/or payment issue resolution becomes a lot more straightforward.

With our integrated Forest Admin Panel we do not need to switch between all kinds of platforms to process and monitor our payments, which saves us a large amount of time and helps us stay focused.

Facundo Farias, CTO at HectorKitchen

Features required

Forest Admin Analytics icon

Analytics at a record level

Forest Admin Segments icon

Smart Segments

Forest Admin Screen Representing Payment Management
Forest Admin Inventory Icon

Inventory Management

Forest Admin Analytics Icon

Monitor your inventory

Forest Admin Info Icon

Set stock alerts

Forest Admin Zap Icon

Order new stock

Because solid inventory management is crucial to keeping your organisation lean and efficient, you need clarity. You need to the right tools to achieve this.

Thanks to Forest Admin you will be able to monitor and update your inventory database. In case certain products need to be ordered, you can do so straight from your Admin Panel. You can efficiently set-up workflows for your operational teams, allowing you to structure and streamline your inventory process. In case you are working with third-party services you can reconcile your inventory data with your order and customer data.

We use the Forest Admin panel in all of our physical stores to make sure we keep the right stock of all of our different types of glasses.

Gideon de Kok, Technical Director at Ace & Tate

Features required

Forest Admin map icon

Smart Views

Forest Admin Zap icon

Smart Actions

Forest Admin Analytics icon

Analytics at record level

Forest Admin Screen Representing Inventory Managemement
Forest Admin Return Icon

Return Management

Forest Admin List Icon

List returns for review

Forest Admin check Icon

Approve/Reject refund

Because of the nature of your business model as a direct to consumer enterprise without a physical point of sale, you will have to deal with a lot more returned items. They need to be dealt with smoothly and efficiently.

Thanks to Forest Admin, you will have a great platform to easily keep track of the status of returned items. You will be able to take action to resolve the issues at hand, such as giving refunds, or sending notification emails or updating the return address, straight from your admin panel. With team-based permissions, you can set-up approval workflows granting refunds.

In our daily operations, we need the right tools to help us ensure that we serve our customer in the best way possible. Thanks to Forest Admin, cumbersome operational tasks such as dealing with returns, are made easy!

Jason Stockton, E-commerce Manager at Puma

Features required

Forest Admin Check icon

Approval Workflow

Forest Zap icon

Smart Actions

Forest Admin Segments icon

Smart Segments

Forest Admin Screen Representing Return Management