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The back office tool for financial products

Discover how the transactional and operational dimensions of fintech companies makes Forest the weapon of choice when it comes to building a powerful back office

The entry into the digital age and the abolition of long standing and established financial procedures has allowed the development of a multitude of new services in the banking industry. A high quality customer-centric approach service combined with a digital first experience involves a near total reorganization of how these neo-banks operate.

In fact, bridging the gap between finance and technology is no easy task and the way these companies approach this challenge will allow those whose execution is the most perfect to gain a real competitive advantage.

What value does Forest bring to Fintech companies?

A big part of a company's success will reside in its ability to execute faster and better than others. In a fully dematerialized service, internal tools developed towards customer's operations will play a key role in helping you achieve operational excellence.

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Gear up your business team

with the back office they deserve without wasting time developing it

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Give autonomy to your business teams

with a back office tailored to your operational needs and 100% customizable UI

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Scale your operations

without making any compromise on your back office efficiency


Here's a selection of a few use cases for which our fintech clients use Forest the most

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KYC / KYB Onboarding

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Company Sign up

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Awaiting Legal Docs

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Legal Docs Review

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KYC approved

Customer's onboarding is a critical step in the banking industry as companies needs to comply to regulatory requirements in addition to providing a stellar customer experience. KYC processes are there to ensure the onboarding runs smoothly and that each steps are validated before allowing a customer to use the platform.

Features required

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Segments + Smart Segments

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Smart Actions

Spendesk created different segments into Forest to better keep track of their onboarding workflow,. Without a single line of code, they managed to build their own automated segments of their KYC procedure. Their support team can now have an overview of all the users stuck in these different steps and be more proactive in their follow-up.

To learn more about how Spendesk implemented Forest to manage their KYC process, read the case study

Forest Screen Representing KYC/KYB Process
Spendesk Maylis Avatar

It took me literally 1 min to set up my KYC process on Forest and I don’t have to perform old SQL queries into the raw database to access customers’ information.

Maylis Amram

Customer Success manager at Spendesk

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Transaction Monitoring - Fraud Management

To conform to government regulations, prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism, fintech companies must monitor their financial flows. Forest provides you with all the features needed to do so.

Features required

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Segments + Smart Segments

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Smart Actions

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Summary Views

To track all the financial flows in their database, analyze the data and take action towards fraud prevention, Qonto uses the Forest interface. Germain and Adrien, with the help of their developers team, created several dashboards to help them instantly notice any unusual activity and provide them with the tool to take necessary actions when needed.

To learn more about how Qonto is managing its transaction flow and battling fraud with Forest, read the case study

Forest Screen Representing Transaction and Fraud Managment
Qonto Germain Michou-Tonning

Forest has helped a lot when it comes to identifying and processing suspicious transactions. Their unique architecture allows our fraud prevention team to approve or reject a transaction without ever switching interface

Germain Michou-Tonning

Director of Operations at Qonto

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Data Manipulation

Although most of their assets are dematerialized, fintech companies are highly operationally intense. Customer's operations range from simply issuing a new debit card to processing a more complex wire transfer.

Forest allows you to perform these product-specific actions without ever leaving your Forest interface, reconciling all the critical data in a single place and allowing you to push or pull data from other sources when necessary.

Features required

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Create Update Delete

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Smart Actions

Forest Screen Representing Data Manipulation
Justin Oblak

Forest Smart Action makes it really simple for a sequence of actions to be executed with the click of a single button available to non-technical members of the team. We've used it to automate our onboarding approval process. It works great!

Justin Oblak

VP of Engineering at Teampay

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Approval Workflows

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KYB Approval

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Manager Validation

Whether it is to comply with PCI DSS internal security protocols or any other compliance requirements, you'll need (sooner or later) to provide a safety net for your organization. Our approval workflow feature have been crafted to perfection in order to address industry standard requirements and comes off the shelves.

Features required

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Approval Workflow

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Collaboration Module

Following their ACPR accreditation, Qonto had to comply with a number of regulatory rules. In order to avoid any legal infringement, they introduced two steps validation in some of their most critical processes thanks to our Approval Workflow feature.

Forest Screen Representing Approval Workflow
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Analytics at record level

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KPI Tracking

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Customer Health Monitoring

Keeping track of your user activity can be a tedious process if not set-up appropriately. Forest provides you with the right tool to monitor the performance indicators that matter at a record level.

Keeping track of your user activity can be a tedious process if not set-up appropriately. Forest provides you with the right tool to monitor the performance indicators that matter at a record level.

Feature required

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Analytics at record level

One of First Circle key value proposition resides in its ability to enable business to take on larger customer's orders and meet increased demand. With Forest Analytics at a record level feature they can instantly access all the critical KPIs to decide whether or not they can finance a purchasing order.

Forest Screen Representing Analytics per record
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Security & Data Privacy

When dealing with such sensitive data as financial data, it is of utmost importance to make sure the platform you're using is secure and conform to the industry regulatory requirements. Forest is the first SaaS enabling you to visualize and manipulate your app's data... without ever accessing it!

We’re already working with companies compliant with Industry Standard Certifications

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Photos of Steve Anavi from Qonto

No access to our data was a fundamental element in our technical partner selection. Glad that Forest’s API model fit our requirements.

Steve Anavi

Co-founder & President at Qonto