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Forest has got you covered so you don't lose any time reinventing the wheel.

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Why developers ❤️ Forest

Forest integrates with every stack, choose yours

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No learning curve

Forest is relying on your stack conventions, REST APIs, and JSON API.

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Want to add all kinds of snazzy features? The code is yours to play with and under GPL License, so hack away!

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Interface Builder

Your interface tailored to your business needs without writing a line of code.

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Turnkey solution

Instant set-up, infinite possibilities.

How it works

Forest integrates with any type of architecture, choose yours

Scheme of Forset Liana in Forest Admin

Forest Liana

The magic of Forest lies in its architecture.

Forest is comprised of two main components: the Forest Liana (an open-source agent) and a front-end application (UI).

The Lianas

The Forest Liana is an open-source plugin that analyzes all your data model and generate the Admin API.

The Forest UI

The web application of Forest Admin, accessible from any browser. Your data are transferred directly from your browser to the Admin API while remaining invisible to the Forest servers.

Scheme of Forset Lumber in Forest Admin


If you’ve already architectured your application for microservices or you’re planning to, Lumber’s admin sits nicely alongside your regular services.

What is Lumber ?

Lumber is a tool that will enable you to use Forest Admin on any web app with an SQL database.

It's the perfect solution to plug an admin interface alongside your existing project, whether it’s used by a few, or a hundred.

How Lumber works?

Lumber is an open-source tool that generates a new lightweight web app (in Node.JS) which is compatible with our Forest Liana. For the rest, it's the same as with the liana.

Forest is a new kind of SaaS

We are the first SaaS enabling you to visualize and manipulate your app's data... without ever accessing it!

Icon for Forest Admin No accessing your data

No access to your data

Data transits through an API generated by our open source plugin installed in your app directly from your Forest Admin to your end-user browser, while remaining invisible to our servers.

Icon for Forest Admin Business Grade level of Security

Business grade level of security

We know that with scalability comes great responsibility.That’s why we made sure to provide a business grade level of security: 2FA, IP Whitelist (to name a few) comes out of the box with Forest.

What's your excuse?

My app is too specific. I need a homemade admin

As this admin is our main product, every detail matters. We strive to create a great experience for our end-users. We’ve made all the work for you when it comes to generic features. And for the remaining features that are strongly specific to your app, you’re free to add them smoothly on top of Forest, as you would have done with your hand-made admin project.
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I'll build my admin in one week, I don't need Forest

As with any application, building a great admin interface takes time and requires a strong vision. Most of admins developed inhouse have a bad UX with very limited features. An admin interface can bring way more value than performing simple CRUDs. Due to limited resources and time scheduled for the admin development, all other useful features are left for the future, when more time can be devoted to the admin interface. Developers are all facing the same issues and are constantly reinventing the wheel. Forest’s framework is here to finally solve all those issues. Forest is quick to set up and is flexible enough to match any specific needs.
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