Focus on building internal tools, not connecting to your data

Automatically generate a fully featured admin panel on top of your database to visualise and manipulate your data. Easily turn it into a fast, scalable, tailor made internal tool with a low-code editor, pre-built and custom components.

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The most innovative companies use Forest Admin to build their internal tools

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Forest Admin allowed me to gain valuable development time, which allowed me to focus more energy on my customer-facing product.

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Daniel Palumbo
CTO at Pillow

Don't start from a blank page

Forest Admin automatically generates a CRUD interface with filters, search, pagination and more from your data, and comes with critical features out-of-the-box

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Out-of-the-box CRUD, Search & Filters, No-code visual editor ...
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Role-base permissions, 2FA, Activity logs
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No-code visual editor
KYC workflow

Code your custom actions, views, workflows, charts and more

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Custom Actions: go beyond CRUD operations and code actions with your custom logic.
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Custom Fields: combine fields to use in your NestJS admin panel without altering your database.
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Custom HTML/CSS: create custom visualizations of your data, from maps to galeries.

Keep your data secure on your own servers

Thanks to our unique architecture, your data goes through the admin API hosted on your servers, right into your end-user browser interface. It remains completely invisible to our servers, so it can never be accessed or stored by anyone other than you.

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