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At Forest, we know efficiency is the most valuable skill for a company to stand out from the competition. It's the reason why we've designed and built Forest, so no more compromises on an Admin Panel should be made ever again.

We also understand companies have tons of processes that are highly specific to their products or services. In order to address 100% of these use cases, we have created a framework which allows them to implement their very own business logic effortlessly, with virtually no limitations. Forest offer them the flexibility of a homemade admin with the simplicity of a SaaS. Today more than 500 businesses around the world, of all sizes and industries, use Forest's Admin Panel to manage their daily operations, and this is just the begining!

What's next? We're growing quickly and changing the way businesses manage their Admin Panel and operations. We're off to a strong start, but we have a lot of work to do.

Want to build the future of SaaS with us? We'd love to hear from you!

Meet the team

At Forest, we strive to live by our values every day: dedication, respect, efficiency, and candour. We work together as a strong team that overcomes tough challenges. We treat each other with respect, we speak our minds, and we foster a culture of trust.

Sandro MUNDA - CEO


Tancrede LE MERRER, Sales

I joined the company with the desire to popularize a new product class and to educate a new market. It's one of the biggest challenges I've set to myself.

Thomas Didier, Marketing Manager

We have completely redesigned how a SaaS solution works to create the first Back office as a Service. And that brings a lot of technical challenges compounded by the different stacks supported by our solution!

Arnaud , Full stack engineer

To support our customers on Forest, we first need to understand their business operations very quickly, whatever the company's size and sector. It's super rewarding!

Louis Steenbrink, Customer Success Manager


At Forest, we know our employees are human beings with lives that extend way beyond the office, so we provide competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and exciting perks to help them be their best at work and home.

Alan insurance (50% off)
Best Area in Paris (central, restaurants...)
Public Transport (50% off)
Everything you need to be efficient
Space to park 🚲 and 🛴
Life and fun (sports, offsite, afterworks …)

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