The Backend Agnostic
Admin Interface

Simply run
npm install -g lumber-cli
lumber generate
to get started.

If you encounter a NPM permission issue, read How to prevent errors when installing Lumber.

erlich - bash

Bootstrap your admin

Lumber is the perfect solution to plug an admin interface alongside your existing project, whether it’s used by a few, or a hundred.

Works with every stack

Lumber generates a lightweight web app serving a REST API hooked directly into your database, so it works out-of-the-box for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite, SQL Server or MongoDB.

Keep your data in control

Want to exclude a couple of tables? Simply delete the associated models. The app Lumber generates is yours to customize based on your needs and data.

Integrates with your existing microservices

If you’ve already architectured your application for microservices or you’re planning to, Lumber’s admin sits nicely alongside your regular services.

Runs on all your favorite platforms

Whether you like your services to be on their own Docker containers, on Heroku or your laptop: it’s a regular Express app, so it doesn't matter.

Free to hack on, under GPL license

Want to add all kinds of snazzy features? The code is yours to play with, so hack away!

Leverage the full power of Forest Admin

Your Lumber-generated app gives you a free pass to all the powerful features of Forest Admin.

Wanna try it out on your app?

$ npm install -g lumber-cli
$ lumber generate

Sounds sweet but the command line isn't really your cup of tea?
Forward this site to your dev, he/she’ll know exactly what to do!