The complete toolkit for your business operations

Seamlessly deliver value to your users, effortless scale your business operations.

Run your operations

Manage your customers

Administer customer information, gather all client data, take action towards customer success.

Use cases: reset user password, update contact details, block account, change pricing plan & many more…

Carry out all of your specific actions

Customize your admin interface to match the nature of your business, regardless of its complexity.

Use cases: moderate content, cancel order, track deliveries, generate invoice & many more…

Create workflows

Manage groups and rights, build workflows to ensure seamless operations.

Use cases: request a refund, ask for discount, suggest pricing issue & many more…

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Visualize & Manipulate your data

Master your data

Browse, create and edit your application data and see in real-time what’s happening in your business.

Follow your key metrics

Create dashboards to visualize your KPIs at a glance.

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