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Take your Admin Panel to the next level

We've developed a set of Premium features to help you achieve operational excellence without making any compromises on your Admin Panel's efficiency.

Large teams and operationally intensive businesses have advanced and specific Admin Panel feature requirements.
With Forest, thanks to our platform's Premium features, you can benefit from the flexibility of a powerful homemade Admin Panel combined with the simplicity of SaaS, in no time.

Summary Views

Tailor your Admin Panel to your operational needs by providing an aggregated view of the information that is key/critical to your business operations and increase your business team's execution efficiency with the summary view feature. Easily create customized views, using our seamless drag & drop Visual Builder, form fields, related data, and actions at a collection level.

Smart Views

By default, Forest renders your data using a table view when accessing multiple records. Businesses with very specific processes can use our custom views to browse through their data efficiently. Smart Views let you code your own views using JS, HTML, and CSS to tailor your interface to your specific business needs.

Third-party integrations

Forest is able to leverage data from third party services by reconciling it with your application’s data and providing it directly to your Admin Panel. All your actions can be performed at the same place, bringing additional intelligence to your Admin Panel and ensuring consistency.

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Live Query

Simply peek inside your database using our query editor and visualize your data graphically. This flexible, easy to use, and accessible interface has been developed for you to get the right answer when hard questions need to be answered.

Analytics per account

Keeping track of your user activity can be a tedious process if not set-up appropriately. Forest provides you with the right tool to monitor the performance indicators that matter at a record level. With the analytics per account feature, you can systematically conduct a thorough monitoring of your data, anticipate and predict your customer's needs before they're even able to formulate it for better lead nurturing, trial conversion, and upsells!


Having a single dashboard to manage all your KPIs can start getting messy as your team grows. Your Admin Panel should come with powerful dashboards that enable you to keep tabs on all the relevant KPIs you need to manage your company units every day. Forest is able to tap into your actual data to showcase those metrics which are the first thing you’ll see upon logging in.

Team-based permissions

Organize your interface per units (e.g. support, tech, sales, etc.) and keep control over who has access to which content in your organization using Forest’s user management system.

Activity logs

Serious businesses need accountability at every point which is why we’ve developed an extensive activity log system so that you can follow the trail of modifications on any item.

Task assignments - Notes - Comments

As your team grows, so do all the little things it takes for your operations to run smoothly. With Forest, you can assign your teammates to specific tasks, leave a note or simply comment a record, thereby simplifying collaboration and productivity all across your office.

Custom domain & branding

Make yourself at home and provide your employees with a fully immersive experience. Customize your Admin Panel with your brand color, logo, and a custom domain name (e.g. admin.yourcompanydomain.com).

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