Product Features

Discover why Forest is unique and made for you.

Forest is powerful out-of-the-box yet extremely customizable, check out below what you can do with our features.

Customize your data’s representation any way you want

Edit layout

Your users can edit the layout themselves to reorder columns, rename fields, toggle displayed models, etc…

Smart view

Extend our basic views and create your own to showcase orders on a map, sales rep agendas, or products’ thumbnails.


Forest provides you with three types of charts: Metric, Repartition, or Time-based to follow your business’ growth.


Users can search on records and their children relationships, getting their info faster through our optimized requests.

Filters & Segmented view

With filters, you can distinguish between the statuses of your collection and save those as segments to access them faster.

Keep control of your data, wherever it is

Data Exports

Use Forest to filter the data you need and easily export them as .csv files whenever you need.


Forest implements a RESTful API on your app that can be extended or overridden for your particular needs so you always stay in control.

CRUD operations

Perform all your basic CRUD operations out of the box, no extra configuration required.

API integrations

Integrate with 3rd party providers your business relies on with only a couple lines of config, keeping all your data in one place.

Follow your models’ relationships

Follow through the relationships between different models, pulling data from children elements into your record view.

Open source connectors

The modules we’re providing are all open source so you can easily decouple your admin’s front-end from our services at any time.

Data privacy

Forest requests are issued straight from your client to your application. Your data is safe and secure.

Fit your admin to your operations’ needs, not the other way around

Custom actions

Create your own actions to make users premium or impersonate customers. Forest does the authentication and error handling for you.

Multiple environments

Forest follows your deployment process, allowing you to switch between different environments without losing your customizations.

Smart Collection

Create your own synthetic collections that extend Forest collections’ API to generate custom reports or aggregate views.

Activity Log

With the Activity Log, Forest provides you with an auditable track of what’s happening in your admin.

Smart Field

Add Smart Fields to bring computed fields or lists to your data such as your customer’s fullname, age, or most recent purchases.

Team & user management

Keep control over who has access to which content among your organization’s people with Forest’s user management system.

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