Forest use cases
for business operation teams

A comprehensive list of use cases where Forest really makes life of Business Operation Teams easier

Your operation team are too busy putting out fire, jumping from one spreadsheet to another without ever stepping back and looking for room for improvement? Forest increases the productivity of your team by allowing you to consistently streamline your processes into one standalone interface to help you deliver your service more efficiently!

Screenshot of Dashboard in Forest Admin

Operational Dashboard

Leveraging your software data as well as third party providers', Forest provides you with insights into how your operation is performing, allowing to start each day with a clear picture of the situation and the right moves in mind.

Operational Streamline Data visualization Performance Day-to-day operations

Process automation/Workflows

Forest fits into your existing workflows and enables you to automate those business processes faster and more efficiently. Whether it is to follow-up on the clients' onboarding workflow or track orders status, Forest provides you with the framework to streamline your recurring tasks.

Physical Workflow
Optimize all the frequently performed actions involving physical intervention to boost productivity and shorten business processes globally.

Process Streamline Efficiency Production

Screenshot of Workflows in Forest Admin
Screenshot of Smart Views in Forest Admin

Smart Data Visualization

Businesses that are dealing with physical components need to see those displayed on a map, or in a custom view to browse through them efficiently. Logistics optimisation, user geotargeting, local business decisions can all be enhanced within Forest visual displays.

Track shipping items As soon as you’re dealing with logistics and shipping, it brings one more point where the experience can be detrimental to your user. Keeping your shipping tracking data close to your admin, and actionable, enables you to dispense a VIP experience every step of the way.

Data visualization Tracking Map view Logistic

Tasks assignement

As your team grows, so do all the little things it takes for your operations to run smoothly. With Forest, you can assign your teammates on a specific tasks, simplifying collaboration and productivity all across your office.

To-do list Team collaboration Management system Task manager Reminder

Screenshot of Task Assignment in Forest Admin
Screenshot of Collaboration in Forest Admin

Cross team collaboration

Increase communication across your operations teams and keep your employees up to date thanks to our collaboration and comments module.

Team collaboration Knowledge Sharing

See how other Business units improved their productivity through Forest

Regardless of the nature and complexity of your business, Forest easily adapts to all your business needs. Find out how other business units are benefiting from Forest to unlock new potential and reach new heights!

Top Management

Give access to the KPIs your C-level managers need to make the best decisions. See how Forest helped executives get a real time overview of their business units' performance without a line of code.

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Customer Success

Find out how Forest provides your customer success team with the right tool to satisfy those much-vaunted customers, prevent them from churning and empower them on the long-run.

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Customer Support

Find out how Forest helps customer support agents across the world to better handle customer requests thanks to Forest's standalone interface.

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