Forest use cases

for customer success teams

A comprehensive list of use cases where Forest really makes life of customer success agents easier

Whether you're operating a B2B software or running an eCommerce website, you're striving to succeed in keeping your customer onboard. Forest provides you with the right tool to satisfy those much-vaunted customer, prevent them from churning and empower them on the long-run. Start driving revenue by capitalizing on your existing customer base!


Give your customer success agents a global overview on the KPI they need to focus on. Notify them when clients hit their milestone or deadlines. Enable them to identify behavioural trends they should focus on.

KPIs Control Actionable insights

Customer health/scoring

Keeping track of your user activity can be a tedious process if not set-up appropriately. Forest provides you with the right tool to monitor the level of activity for each users, to identify upstream those who are the most likely to slip away and reward your power user.

Scoring Activity health Standalone interface Upsell Customer's nurturing Conversion

Notification center for customer support

Reactivity is paramount when it comes to customer satisfaction. Whether one client is showing signs of a slowdown or another is rising as your next champion, our notification center keeps you notified in real time of any customer's activity change.

Alert center Reactivity Responsiveness Take action Notification center

Analytics per accounts

Forest enables you to systematically conduct a thorough monitoring of your customer activity. Anticipate/predict their needs before they're even able to formulate it for better lead nurturing, trial conversion, and upsells.

Third-party analytics
Understanding your customer imply, more often thant not, to analyse data spread across multiple platform. Forest gather all these analytics and link it with your application's data so that your support agents can handle requests with agility.

Scoring Activity health Standalone interface Upsell Customer's nurturing Conversion

Manage coupons & discounts

Any business online needs the option to issue coupons, or discounts to support their marketing campaigns. Forest enables you to do so in a matter of seconds with absolutely no technical overhead.

Lead nurturing Voucher Marketing strategy

Contract management

Forest provides you with a tool to accompany your client all along its lifetime with you. Never miss the end of a trial period, contract or an opportunity to upsell your customer ever again.

Lifetime value Upsell Contract renewal Premium

See how other Business units improved their productivity through Forest

Regardless of the nature and complexity of your business, forest easily adapt to all your business needs. Find out how other business units are benefiting from Forest to unlock new potential and reach new heights!

Top Management

Give access to the KPIs your C-level managers need to make the best decision. See how Forest helped executive get a real time overview of their business unit performance without a line of code.

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Customer Support

Find out how Forest helps customer support agents across the world to better handle customer's requests thanks to Forest standalone interface.

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Ops Teams

Increase the productivity of your operations team by allowing them to consistently streamline your processes into a standalone interface and help you deliver your service more efficiently!

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