Forest use cases
for customer support teams

A comprehensive list of use cases where Forest really makes life of customer support agents easier

Your customers are your most valuable assets, taking extra-care of them is in your DNA and you wouldn't miss an opportunity to deliver an outstanding service. Whether it's to create an account, reset a password or simply make a refund, Forest provides you with a standalone interface where you can perform actions to better handle your customers' requests.

Screenshot of Dashboard in Forest Admin

Customer identification Dashboard

We've built the admin interface you've been dreaming of, where all your customer-related information would be centralized in ONE place. We understand customer support is about reactivity. Forest gives your support agents a 360° view including all the key/critical information about your customers, to provide THE world's best support to your customers.

Customer management
One place to assist your customers! Administer customer information, reset a password, extend a free trial, validate a request, Forest has got your covered so you do not lose any time reinventing the wheel.

Event & Activity tracking
Get an insight on all the latest actions performed by the customer or taken towards customer success so that your agents hit the ground running when delivering support to your customer.

Support platform Trial extension Password reset Activity tracking Event tracking Third party integrations Critical informations

Third-party Integrations

Forest integrates with all your favorite support software used to appropriately track, analyze and/or handle customer related interactions. Bring additional intelligence and consistency to your support agents by leveraging data from third party services coupled with your application’s data in a single interface.

Screenshot of Support Tickets in Forest Admin

Ticket support

Your customer happiness experts spend their days between your helpdesk software and admin interface. Forest pulls the relevant data from any source and turn it into fully actionable data, so that tickets can be resolved faster without changing context.

Financial transaction

Forest integrates with payment & invoicing providers so you have all your customer financial data accessible in one single interface, allowing you to issue refunds or generate an invoice in a matter of seconds.

Screenshot of Support Refund in Forest Admin
Screenshot of Support Impersonate in Forest Admin


A problem only you can fix in your customer's profile page? Take control of their session and go fix it in the blink of an eye without them even realizing it.

Impersonate ReactTakeoverivity Bug fixing

Contract management timeline

Forest provides you with a tool to accompany your client all along its journey with you. Never miss the end of a trial period, contract or an opportunity to upsell your customer ever again.

Lifetime value Upsell Updates Opportunity Premium Customer health

Screenshot of Support Contract in Forest Admin
Screenshot of Notifications in Forest Admin

Notifications center

You wouldn't like to leave your customer stuck with a wrong password, fearing for him to churn after endless hours spent to get him onboard? Fear no more, our notification center keeps you up to date so that no admin-related issues are left unsolved.

Alert center Reactivity Responsiveness Financial transaction Helpdesk Admin

See how other Business units improved their productivity through Forest

Regardless of the nature and complexity of your business, Forest easily adapts to all your business needs. Find out how other business units are benefiting from Forest to unlock new potential and reach new heights!

Top Management

Give access to the KPIs your C-level managers need to make the best decisions. See how Forest helped executives get a real time overview of their business units' performance without a line of code.

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Customer Success

Find out how Forest provides your customer success team with the right tool to satisfy those much-vaunted customers, prevent them from churning and empower them on the long-run.

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Ops Teams

Increase the productivity of your operations team by allowing them to consistently streamline your processes into a standalone interface and help you deliver your service more efficiently!

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