Forest use cases
for c-level managers

A comprehensive list of use cases where Forest really makes life of CxO easier

Give access to the KPIs your C-level managers need to make the best decisions. Forest let them follow-up on their business units' processes by going through each workflow or simply gives them an insight on the latest activity made on the platform through the audit trail feature. Without a line of code, C-level managers are able to create their own dashboard and configure charts step-by-step to get a real time overview of their business unit's performance.

Screenshot of Dashboard in Forest Admin

Cockpit tool/Dashboarding for top management

Your admin should come with a powerful dashboard that enables you to keep tabs on all the relevant KPIs you need to manage your business unit everyday. Forest is able to tap into your actual data to showcase those metrics as the first thing you’ll see logging in everyday.

KPIs Charts OKR Metrics

Objectives and key results

Remember those goals you set at the beginning of each quarter and that you wish you were able to follow up on? With forest, set your team's priorities around measurable goals and track them to ensure everyone is going in the same directions cohesively.

OKR Follow-up Cohesion Goal Objective Target

Screenshot of charts in Forest Admin
Screenshot of Digest in Forest Admin

Daily/weekly/monthly digest

Managers are not necessarily involved in the daily admin processes, but can still keep an eye on their teams' work with Forest digest straight from the comfort of their inboxes.

Recap Synthesis Reporting Updates

Notification center

Keep tabs on what’s happening to your business with alerts that get to you wherever you are. SMS, Slack or email so that you’re always up-to-speed, even when you’re on the move.

Alerts Intercom Customer health Stripe Aircall Zendesk

Screenshot of Notifications in Forest Admin
Screenshot of Autit Trails in Forest Admin

Audit trail

Serious businesses need accountability at every point which is why we’ve developed an extensive activity log, so that you can follow the trail of modifications on any item.

Monitoring Actionable Accountability

ACL & Teams

Because your business is growing fast, you’re spending increasingly more time on managerial tasks such as onboarding and your team fluctuates as interns come and go, employees join and leave. Forest helps you stay on top of your organization’s growth with its seamless ACL.

Access control Admin User management

Screenshot of ACL in Forest Admin

See how other Business units improved their productivity through Forest

Regardless of the nature and complexity of your business, Forest easily adapts to all your business needs. Find out how other business units are benefiting from Forest to unlock new potential and reach new heights!

Ops Teams

Increase the productivity of your operations team by allowing them to consistently streamline your processes into a standalone interface and help you deliver your service more efficiently!

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Customer Success

Find out how Forest provides your customer success team with the right tool to satisfy those much-vaunted customers, prevent them from churning and empower them on the long-run.

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Customer Support

Find out how Forest helps customer support agents across the world to better handle customer requests thanks to Forest's standalone interface.

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