Business Use Cases

A comprehensive list of use cases where Forest really makes life easier.

Forest helps you be more productive at work. Do your customer support, logistics, marketing and sales more efficiently!
We’ve listed a sample list of what happy businesses are already doing with Forest.


Comment & content moderation

Audience: Marketer

User-submitted content makes your app more relatable, lively and interesting but are a pain to deal with. Combining custom actions and smart views, Forest helps you blaze through moderating such content so that it’s available to all sooner.

Comment moderation Featured pictures Reviews moderation Content curation

Charge refund

Audience: Customer Support

Forest integrates with payment providers so you have all your customer data accessible in one single interface, allowing you to issue refunds in a matter of seconds.

Charge refund Stripe Braintree Recurly Adyen

Ticket support

Audience: Customer Support

Your customer happiness experts spend their days between your helpdesk software and admin interface. Forest brings the relevant data to your admin, so that tickets can be resolved faster without changing context.

Ticket support Customer support Customer happiness ZenDesk Desk Livefyre

ACL & Teams

Audience: Managers

Because your business is growing fast, you’re spending increasingly more time on managerial tasks such as onboarding and your team fluctuates as interns come and go, employees join and leave. Forest helps you stay on top of your organization’s growth with its seamless ACL.

Access Control Employee permissions Employee onboarding

Manage coupons & discounts

Audience: Marketers & Sales

Any business online needs the option to issue coupons, or discounts to support their marketing campaigns. Forest enables you to do so in a matter of seconds with absolutely no technical overhead.

Issue coupons Manage discounts

Customer management

Audience: Customer Support

Managing your users’ data is an awfully slow process when it’s not implemented correctly, although the operations are pretty mundane. Forest has got your covered so you do not lose any time reinventing the wheel.

Customer management Reset password Extend trial Impersonate


Audience: Business Analysts

Search is easy. Fast, efficient, and relevant search is another thing. Forest provides you with a powerful solution to search through your data, add filters and save searches as segmented views of your data.

Filtered views Save segments Powerful search

Track shipping items

Audience: Customer Support

As soon as you’re dealing with logistics and shipping, it brings one more point where the experience can be detrimental to your user. Keeping your shipping tracking data close to your admin, and actionable, enables you to dispense a VIP experience every step of the way.



Audience: Business Analysts, Logistics, Manager, Marketers & Sales

Forest fits into your existing workflows and enables you to perform those business processes faster and more efficiently. Whether it is asking for managerial approval, processing your orders, resolving tickets or any other flow, you can do it better with Forest.

Workflow management system Business process Order processing Ticket resolution Manager approval Reporting

Business Intelligence

Operational Dashboard

Audience: Managers, Customer Happiness,Support, Logistics and Sales

Leveraging your application data as well as third party providers, Forest provides you with insights into how your operation is performing, allowing to start each day with a clear picture of the situation and the right moves in mind.

Growth charts KPIs Metrics monitoring Attrition rate Churn Operational dashboard

Financial Dashboard

Audience: Finance, Investors and Managers

Your admin should come with a powerful dashboard that enables you to keep tabs on both your financial and operational KPIs such as MRR, LTV, conversions, etc. Forest is able to tap into your actual data to showcase those metrics as the first thing you’ll see logging in everyday.

Accounting metrics MRR LTV Financial dashboard

Export aggregated data as needed

Audience: Business Analysts

Your business’ data is scattered among third party providers and your data application, rendering deep analysis and exports painful. Forest integrates with all your data sources and lets you export those data, so you can do your analysis where you want.

Custom exports CSV exports Data analysis

Visualize your data

Audience: Business Analysts, Logistics, Managers, Marketers

Businesses that are dealing with physical components need to see those displayed on a map, or in a custom view to browse through them efficiently. Logistics optimisation, user geotargeting, local business decisions can all be enhanced within Forest visual displays.

Data visualization Maps Customer geolocation Deliveries


Audience: Business Analysts, Finance, Marketers and Sales

Scoring customers is paramount for businesses as they need to weed out fraudulent customers and cater in preference to those that are highly convertible. Forest allows you to do so quickly, having all the data available and add smart logic to provide a definitive score per user.

Scoring Fraud detection

Cohort & matrix analysis

Audience: Business Analysts and Managers

Forest plays well with your data analytics needs, even as they grow increasingly complex. Cohorts analyses help you understand how differents customers interact with your product over time, whereas matrices allow you to plot different cost centers against one another for a specific feature.

Growth KPIs Metrics Attrition Churn Operational

Monitoring & Reporting


Audience: Managers

Keep tabs on what’s happening to your business with alerts that get to you wherever you are. SMS, Slack or email so that you’re always up-to-speed, even when you’re on the move.

New sign up Fraud detection Payment received Order shipped Trial expired

Weekly & daily digest

Audience: Managers & Investors

Managers are not necessarily involved in the daily admin processes, but can still keep an eye on their teams work with Forest digest straight from the comfort of their inboxes.

Weekly digest Daily digest Investor newsletter Manager reports

Audit Trail

Audience: Managers

Serious businesses need accountability at every point which is why we’ve developed an extensive activity log, so that you can follow the trail of modifications on any item.

Audit trail Activity log e-discovery