Creating a Admin Panel with Forest Admin

Creating a Admin Panel with Forest Admin, an open-source Serverless Postgres alternative to Amazon Aurora, is probably the fastest way to get a PostgreSQL database up and running. All you have to do is to type psql -h and that's it. provides many features out of the box, including data branching, on-demand scalability, bottomless storage, and much more.

At Forest Admin, we've had a developer DNA since day one and we've been hugely impressed by the Neon teams. As a developer, I don't think I've ever seen an onboarding process as efficient and effective. This probably has something to do with seeing more and more people arriving at Forest Admin plugging in a database provided by Neon.

It was evident to us that Neon and Forest Admin combined perfectly. One can set up a Postgres database quickly, while the other allows for an admin panel to be added immediately, offering data visualization and manipulation, activity logs, permission controls, workflow implementation, dashboard creation, and much more.

Upgrade instantly your PostgreSQL database with a powerful Admin Panel

As mentioned above, offers a fully managed multi-cloud Postgres with a generous free tier.

At the same time, Forest Admin is compatible with PostgreSQL from the start, giving you the ability to quickly create all of the components you need for an admin panel, such as API's and user interfaces.

This compatibility between the two technologies significantly simplifies the process of creating an admin panel for a Postgres database, eliminating the need for developers to build an admin panel from scratch or using an internal tool builder.

➜  ~ psql -h
Launch serverless Postgres with a single command
PostgreSQL connection string provided by
PostgreSQL connection string to set up in Forest Admin

Trying out this new integration is incredibly easy. Simply head to and start the installation process!