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Best n8n workflows for Sales teams

n8n and its hundreds of integrations give almost endless possibilities for workflows that turn an admin panel into comprehensive operations management software for sales teams. And it's easier than you think!

Best n8n workflows for Sales teams

Let's face it: Sales jobs are demanding. The current state of uncertain market conditions, intense competition, and the constant need to stay updated on industry knowledge and sales techniques can prove challenging, even for individuals who thrive in competitive environments and love their jobs.

However, the biggest frustrations often stem from disorganized data and inefficient work environments. These are environments where data and processes are misaligned, leading to constant switching between various tools. When dashboards and data are scattered across different platforms, even simple tasks like weekly reporting become daunting and time-consuming, taking up half a day.

While finding a comprehensive all-in-one operations management platform may seem like the ideal solution, it is rarely feasible as each organization has unique requirements. Fortunately, there is an alternative approach to consolidating all your business operations in one place. You need one workflow to rule them all - or rather make them work together. Here come popular n8n workflows for Sales teams.

We have already covered what is n8n and how to make it work on Forest Admin. Now, let's delve straight into the matter at hand and explore a few workflows that can significantly enhance the lives of sales teams.

How to synchronize a CRM with your admin panel

While a CRM is a central hub for sales intelligence, as it stores most of the customer data, it requires quite a lot of manual input and updating. CRMs typically don't integrate seamlessly with other tools, such as email clients, calendars, or productivity apps. As a result, managing customer information becomes inefficient, leading to data duplication and potential errors.

Fortunately, n8n workflows offer a solution to this predicament.

Workflow example:

  1. A new customer appears in the admin panel (they've updated a credit card info).
  2. Mark a deal as won in the admin panel.
  3. Save this information on Hubspot with one click without leaving the admin panel.
  4. Send a Slack notification in the #sales Slack or Mattermost channel to let your team member know and celebrate.
CRM workflow example in n8n

Possible integrations:

  • Forest Admin and n8n,
  • Hubspot/Customer.io/Salesforce/Zoho CRM/Pipedrive/Insightly,
  • Slack/Mattermost/Discord.

How to engage with prospects and leads without leaving an admin panel

Timely engagement with hot leads is critical for every salesperson. However, the absence of automation and the need to constantly switch between various tools often hinders productivity and contributes to inefficiency. But imagine if you could perform all necessary tasks directly from an admin panel?

Workflow example:

  1. A lead fills in the contact form on the website.
  2. Send them an email using pre-defined templates on Sendgrid or anothet email platform.
  3. Update user information on Hubspot or another CRM or directly in the database.
Customer engagement workflow example in n8n

Possible integrations:

  • Forest Admin and n8n,
  • Hubspot/Customer.io/Salesforce/Zoho CRM/Pipedrive/Insightly/Active Campaign,
  • Sendgrid/MailerLite/Mailjet.

How to enrich prospect data without leaving an admin panel (+ how to save credits)

As mentioned earlier, the data stored in a CRM often requires extensive manual updates and maintenance. While syncing it with an admin panel helps consolidate the data from both tools, it may not provide a comprehensive 360-degree view of the customer. This is where data enrichment tools like Lusha, Apollo, or Clearbit come into play. They help to fill the gaps, such as missing business email addresses and company sizes, and they ensure the user data is accurate and up-to-date when people change jobs and companies merge or rebrand.

Creating an n8n workflow allows storing all the data in one place, in your admin panel, and also saving credits that need to be spent on data enrichment tools, as you can use them only on hot leads. Alternatively, you can even prompt ChatGPT instead of data enrichment tools.

Workflow example:

  1. From an admin panel launch the enrichment process with one click on the button.
  2. Retrieve data such as company size, industry, and the last funding round from Clearbit or another data enrichment tool.
  3. Send it to Hubspot or to a database.
Prospect enrichment workflow example in n8n

Possible integrations:

  • Forest Admin and n8n,
  • Active Campaign/Hubspot/Customer.io/Salesforce/Zoho CRM/Pipedrive/Insightly/PostgreSQL, Supabase, MySQL and more CRM software and databases.
  • Sendgrid/MailerLite/Mailjet or another email platform.

Need more inspiration for n8n workflows for Sales teams?

n8n and its hundreds of integrations give almost endless possibilities for workflows that turn an admin panel into comprehensive operations management software. Here are a few more ideas to get you inspired:

  • Each time there is a new signup, launch a workflow to send an onboarding email in Sendgrid and create a task for an Account Executive in Asana.
  • When a lead fills a form on the Website, create a new record in the database, create an opportunity in Hubspot, and notify the relevant team on Slack or Mattermost.
  • When a deal is marked as won in the admin panel, create a workflow for automated handover from Sales to Customer Success, including assigning contacts to new owners and notifying the new owners via email or Slack.
  • Once a user becomes a paying customer, launch a workflow using Stripe and Chargebee to send them an invoice via email and notify the contact owner in case a payment is rejected.
  • And many more! You can find more examples of the n8n blog, but the sky is the limit here.

How to get started?

  1. Create an account on Forest Admin if you haven't got one yet. The integration with n8n is available on every plan, including the free plan.
  2. Build a workflow on n8n using webhooks.
  3. If you created a project on Forest Admin Cloud (also called Instant Setup), go to your project's settings and follow the instructions from this blog post. It's quick and easy!
  4. If you don't use Forest Admin Cloud, you need to create a Smart Action.
  5. Once it's ready, tell us about your experience! It's a new feature so we'd love to hear your feedback.