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Forest Admin Cloud: Simplicity of SaaS and flexibility of custom-made admin panel solution

After assisting thousands of customers we've learned everything about choosing between a SaaS solution and a custom-made admin panel. As a result, we have decided to build a new product: the only SaaS solution that grants access to the underlying code. Read more about Forest Admin Cloud.

Forest Admin Cloud: Simplicity of SaaS and flexibility of custom-made admin panel solution

Every customer-centric company needs an admin panel to run various operations. In certain industries, such as finance, having a functional back office from the start is a legal necessity. At some stage, every decision-maker must weigh the choice between investing time, resources, and expertise in building a completely customized admin panel or opting for the convenience of a SaaS solution.

After assisting thousands of customers in choosing and setting up their admin panels, we can confidently say that we've learned all the needs and consequences of choosing between a SaaS solution and building a custom-made admin panel. As a result, we have decided to build a product that bridges the best of both worlds.

Forest Admin Custom Map View
An example of a Forest Admin back-office customized for a fleet management company.

Forest Admin Cloud provides the freedom and flexibility of an in-house build, along with the simplicity and accessibility of a SaaS platform. It is the only SaaS solution that grants access to the underlying code, enabling you to customize an auto-generated admin panel to fulfill your unique business needs thanks to Forest Admin customization.

Forest Admin Cloud: Overview

Forest Admin Cloud is the fastest way to get a fully functional admin panel on top of your data. With nothing more than a database URI, it is generated in a few seconds and offers a myriad of out-of-the-box features that are must-haves to run internal operations:

  • Basic CRUD operations,
  • Search, filters, and segments,
  • WYSIWYG layout editor and a micro-app builder for basic Forest Admin customization,
  • Granular access control and permission management features,
  • Approval workflows, audit logs, notes, and other collaboration features,
  • Built-in security & privacy features.

Forest Admin Cloud: Customisation

However, the requirements of customer-facing companies often extend beyond that. Internal operations can vary significantly based on the industry and specific use cases. The essential features needed for a fintech company conducting KYC and fraud monitoring processes differ from those required by an e-commerce business for customer support operations.

However, there is good news - it is not necessary to allocate product, development, and design resources to provide business teams with all the functionalities, workflows, and features they need to do their jobs. Forest Admin is the only SaaS solution that provides access to underlying code. It requires much fewer development resources because Forest Admin is equipped with developer features that facilitate defining custom views, charts, relationships, and actions.

If you are a Forest Admin Cloud user, the experience doesn't differ from the self-hosted version of Forest Admin. There is, however, a guide integrated with the UI that helps you with the process. To access it and start the advanced Forest Admin customisation, click on the <> icon from the nav bar on the left. The first step is to initialize the Forest Admin agent - the code is provided there for you.

Forest Admin Cloud customization step 1

Then, it's time to open your Forest Admin project in the text editor and paste the code to define a customisation. Here is a quick example of an action that allow your reps to notify users via email.

Forest Admin Cloud customization step 2

Finally, publish your changes to make the new action live. Don't forget to refresh your browser to see the results of your Forest Admin customisation!

Forest Admin Cloud customization step 3

Have a quick look at another demo that gives you some inspiration on what you can code on Forest Admin, and shows how to do it πŸ‘‡

All details about Forest Admin Cloud customisation can be found in the documentation.

Forest Admin Cloud: Security & Privacy

Finally, as we're talking about Cloud-based product to run business operations, you can rest assured that product security is of paramount importance at Forest Admin. We offer several robust measures to safeguard sensitive information. Here are just a few of them:

  • Forest Admin strictly adheres to GDPR (πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί) and the Data Privacy Framework (πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² , πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­).
  • Forest Admin offers out-of-the-box security features: enforced two-factor authentication, auto log-out, SSO with SAML, user provisioning with SCIM, IP white listing, and more.
  • Forest Admin team members do not have access to a Customer's Forest Admin project and cannot impersonate a Customer's User to obtain access.
  • Technical and organizational measures we take internally, such as enforcement of two-factor authentication and anti-malware, secure access to the office, and more.

For a flexible and fully customized admin panel to meet every need of your business team, don't hesitate to give Forest Admin a try.