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Forest Admin Release Notes April 2024

Curious about our latest product releases? Here is what we released in April 2024 🥳 and what we are going to launch soon 🤫

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Time flies, and we're excited to show you what happened at Forest Admin last month, as we released improvements to Inbox, Workspaces, and Forest Admin for Python. More improvements are on the way, and they will positively affect your customer operations. Let's dive in 👇

New to Inbox

Inbox, a new feature in Forest Admin, allows you to automate the queueing of records for your operators—ideal for KYC processes, ticket resolutions, or other workflows. Additionally, you can now manually assign records to yourself or a team member thanks to a new native custom action.

When creating a new Inbox, we also introduced a possibility to sort the queue with multiple sorting rules. For example, to sort it first by priority and then creation date.

Our large fintech customer reduced the time spent on thousands of KYC processes by 50%. You can save just as much time! Simply contact us, and we will enable Inbox for you.

Use Collection Overrides to customize standard CUD operations

We've recently introduced Collection Overrides that allow you to define custom behavior to add any business logic in the process of create, update, delete operations; for example, to create the record with your custom API. At first, it was only available for Node.js projects, and we've just rolled it out to Django and Flask projects. Read more in the docs.

New to Workspaces

You need an instant access to the right data and we just shipped another filtering option in Workspaces to make it easier for you. The new Input component lets you filter data based on whatever you type in there - a user name, ID, a plan. Don't forget to use the AND/OR filter for better search results!

Here is how to set it up 👇

Coming Soon

We're currently working on lots of improvements to features that make significant impact on daily customer operations. Here is what you can expect in the coming weeks:

  • Inbox will gain new capabilities, such as a manager view with a backlog of records and their details. On top of that, the performance center will help managers keep track on their team's performance.
  • Workspaces will gain a Metabase component, allowing you to embed Metabase dashboards.
  • Operators will be able to add comments when requesting an approval request.
  • We will offer the possibility to export activity logs through an API. If you are interested in it, simply reply to my email and I will put you in touch with the right team.

Case Study: How Forest Admin helps Fingo onboard thousands new users per day

Fingo, the first Kenyan fully digital banking service, has selected Forest Admin as its admin panel solution since the launch of Fingo Africa - the app that empowers young adults in Africa by enabling them to open a bank account via their mobile phone in less than five minutes. Fingo relies on Forest Admin to onboard thousands of new customers per day, which involves strict KYC processes.

That's all folks! If you have any questions about the new features, don't hesitate to let us know.

If you are interested in previous release notes, you can find them here.

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