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Forest Admin Release Notes: November 2023

Curious about our latest product releases? Here is what we launched in November 2023 πŸ₯³ and what we are going to launch soon 🀫

Forest Admin Release Notes: November 2023

Let's have a tour of what happened at Forest Admin in November. We have great news for those who need to filter data by date and time, are fans of approval workflows, and use Intercom in your daily operations. You can also see how Qonto's Operations team increased their productivity by 20% and join our next event in Paris πŸ‡«πŸ‡· to learn real-life examples of using AI in customer operations.

🌟 Success Story: Qonto & Forest Admin

Qonto, the leading European business finance solution, has partnered with Forest Admin for nearly 6 years to manage their customer operations. It means their FA admin panel has evolved and scaled with their operations from the early days to thousands of employees worldwide πŸ’š

We've recently interviewed Qonto's Head of Operations Engineering, Ali El Alaoui. Watch this video if you're curious to learn πŸ‘‡

πŸš€ How Qonto's Operations team has improved their productivity by 20% after adopting workspaces.

πŸ“ˆ How a heavy-ops company managed to access all the data, actions, and instructions on one page.

πŸ›‘οΈ How to customize different views for different teams to meet strict compliance requirements.

πŸ₯³ New product releases

πŸ—“οΈ Easily filter data by date and time

Qonto's example proves our mission to help operations teams be more efficient and productive. We recently added a small but useful feature that enhances productivity. Since many of you need to filter data by date or time, we've released a convenient date picker that reduces the number of clicks when filtering data. Meet the Date Picker component in Workspaces and see how it works in this interactive tutorial πŸ‘‡

Simply drag and drop the date component to your workspace in the editor mode, modify the format if needed (visit the docs to learn how), adjust other settings (like the minimum and maximum date), and update the relevant collection or a chart using liquid/templating syntax: {{datecomponent.selectedValue.}}.

πŸ—“οΈ Use {{currentDate}} templating when displaying date

Sometimes it's necessary or just useful to limit the way you want to display a date in a date picker widget. For example, to display only the current day or dates before the current day. Now you can use the {{currentDate}} liquid/templating syntax in workspaces, segments, and widgets.

Date picker customization with dynamic dates

βœ… Notifications in approval workflows
Do you want your team members to get an email notification every time there's a new action for them to approve? This is now possible on Forest Admin, but you need to request to activate this feature. Reach out to us if you'd like to have it in your admin panel and I'll connect you with the appropriate team.

If you aren't familiar with approval workflows, check this short videoπŸ‘‡

🏘️ Forest Admin as a Real Estate Management App

To show you all the different functionalities of Forest Admin, we've created the library of live demos tailored to specific use cases: KYC, fleet management, transaction monitoring, an e-commerce app, and more. It has just received a new addition: a Real Estate Management live demo with the UI customized to meet the needs of real estate professionals. Take a look at these smart fields with pictures of properties, and smart actions created to manage deals.

Real Estate Management App with Forest Admin

πŸ‘€ Coming Soon

πŸ”„ Intercom integration

Recently we've been talking to many of you about integrating different SaaS tools with Forest Admin so that you can access all the customer data in one place. Currently, we are interviewing users interested in integrating Forest Admin and Intercom. If you are an Intercom user, please book a call with our product team to have a quick chat on how we can make your (or your team's) work more efficient. If there is another SaaS you would like to integrate with Forest Admin, let us know as well!

☁️ More customization in Cloud projects

As you may know, Forest Admin Cloud (Instant Setup) allows you to generate an admin panel on top of a database in a few seconds, with nothing else required than a database URI. Almost all the features you know from the non-Cloud version are there, but it has fewer customization options. We aim to change it very soon and give our Cloud version the full power of Forest Admin with the simplicity of a cloud-based SaaS. Stay tuned!

πŸŽ‰ Interested in our events?

Last month at Qonto's office in Paris, we met with our community and hosted a panel discussion with speakers from Flitter, Motto, Qonto, and Forest Admin to discuss best practices for managing operations in customer support teams. It was a big success, and we greatly enjoyed it πŸŽ‰. In case you missed it or couldn't come to Paris, here is the recap of the event and the panel discussion and the full recording.

Forest Admin event at Qonto’s office in Paris

As good things should be repeatable, we are already inviting you to the next event we are organizing in Paris on January 10th ❄️. This time, our partner is Hexa, the famous home to startup studios eFounders (SaaS), Logic Founders (fintech), and 3founders (web3) that has recently raised €20 million with the aim to launch even more future unicorns. This event will focus on sharing best practices and real-life examples on using AI to enhance productivity in customer operations πŸ€–.

If you want to join, reach out to us. We'll add you to the waiting list and notify you when registration is open.