Announcing the integration of Supabase and Forest Admin

Announcing the integration of Supabase and Forest Admin


Supabase, which is an open-source alternative to Firebase, offers all the necessary components for rapidly creating backend apps. It is a collection of open-source technologies, including PostgreSQL as the database, Kong as the API Gateway, and GoTrue for user management and SWT token issuance.

In recent months, we at Forest Admin have observed a significant increase in the number of new users utilizing our tool to develop an admin panel on top of Supabase.

To us, it was clear that there is a perfect synergy between our two technologies. One enables the rapid creation of an application backend, while the other allows for the instant addition of an admin panel on top, providing structured data visualization, manipulation, custom action triggering, granular permission management, operational workflow implementation, dashboard creation and much more.

Upgrade instantly your Supabase Backend with a powerful Admin Panel

Supabase offers a pre-built PostgreSQL-based database when creating a project.

Meanwhile, Forest Admin is natively compatible with PostgreSQL, allowing for the instantaneous generation of all the necessary components of an admin panel, including APIs and user interface.

This compatibility between the two technologies significantly simplifies the process of creating an admin panel for a Supabase backend, eliminating the need for developers to build an admin panel from scratch or using an internal tool builder.

PostgreSQL connection string provided by Supabase
PostgreSQL connection string to set up in Forest Admin

Trying out this new integration is incredibly easy. Simply head to and start the installation process!