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How Hellozack fueled its growth with a powerful admin panel dedicated to its ops team

Read the case study of Hellozack and learn how the web platform where you can sell your apple devices fueled its growth with a powerful admin panel dedicated to its ops team

Forest Admin and Zack
Hellozack is a web platform where you can sell your apple devices anywhere, anytime. You go to their website and fill out a survey about your apple device you want to sell and its condition. You'll receive a quote by mail that you can accept or reject. The price estimation of the device is based on an algorithm reflecting the price on several online reselling platforms. If accepted, a messenger will come pick it up. Once the device has gone through a series of checks, the money will be directly credited to your bank account.

Since its inception, Hellozack hasn’t had a real admin panel. Like many growing companies, the admin panel wasn’t a priority as the customer-facing product needed continuous improvement. But with the increasing amount of users and operations, the need for an advanced customer-management, workflow management, data visualization and related questions arose.

6 months ago, Hellozack decided to implement Forest Admin as their admin panel, providing a dedicated interface to their business operations team and allowing them to streamline their processes methodically. Undertaking a major overhaul to reach new heights of growth and contrasting with the old methodology involving complex integrations and chaotic spreadsheets.

But before deep diving into Hellozack’s operations, here’s a small glimpse of what they do.

Hellozack customers flow.

Business performance at a glance

Hellozack needed a powerful dashboarding tool to keep track of the business performance amidst all the daily routine noise. Forest Admin provided them with the right tool to keep tabs on all the relevant KPIs they needed to manage their business every day and make the best decisions.

A Forest Admin dashboard used by Hellozack to track sales and revenue.
Hellozack’s dashboard w/ the KPIs they check every single day
“Seeing the business KPIs displayed in the dashboard as the first thing when logging in every day is a real plus for me. It gives me a powerful insight on the business pace and a vision of the path to follow.”

Keyhan Mortezaeifar, logistic hero @HelloZack

Automating business operations’ processes from A to Z

Keeping scalability in mind, Hellozack was eager to automate as many steps of the process as possible within their business value chain. Thanks to Forest Admin, they placed automation at the center of their strategy, improving efficiency globally and delivering a second to none service towards their clients. In order to do so, they worked on improving their process at 3 different levels:

3 processes Hellozack is working on.

I -Simplifying the customer management

The process of acquisition of a new device is fairly simple, as described on your right.

Each transaction starts by an estimation of the device a customer is selling, completed through a series of questions on the device itself. Based on an algorithm developed in-house which crunches data from a variety of online reselling platform, Hellozack will send you an estimation which you will be able to accept or reject. If accepted, you will be prompted to fill-in general information about yourself.

If rejected, the information will be automatically reported into a specific table in the Admin Panel.

Hellozack customers usage steps.

Both information about the device you’re selling as well as your personal information will be automatically accessible within Hellozack’s interface once completed. Providing a complete recap’ of the customers’ profile as well as the device he’s selling. They even have access to the history of a seller if he already sold another device.

For example, if Keyhan wants to get a bit more insight on an iPhone 6 that has just been bought from a customer, he will be able to access a product card detailing all the specs of this product.

The product card will remain accessible and be kept updated all along its lifetime within Hellozack interface and even after, for the records. Most of the information displayed for each product or customer are directly actionable so that you can deep dive further into each piece of information (e.g. devices, prix d'achats, moyen d'acquisition (messenger, drop-in, poste), customer data).

A Summary view of an Hellozack customer.

Device pick up by bike messenger When the bike messenger picks up the device, he is trained to assess the device value. To do so, he goes through an exhaustive checklist of the device on his phone which will be reflected within their Forest Admin and accessible by ops team Once the product is validated, the money is manually transferred to the seller through the preferred payment option (pumpkin, lydia, check, paypal, wire)

A checklist of device checks done at Hellozack.

II - Processing the device condition check

All the products are then brought back to the warehouse for an extensive check, to assess whether it needs to be repaired and to be repackaged. The status of the device is automatically updated each time it goes through a new step so that the operators can keep track of the step they’re in, as described in the workflow below:

An entirely checked checklist of device checks done at Hellozack.

III - Automating product resell

When the checklist has been completed, it will automatically trigger a "Sales" workflow in which the ready-to-be-sold device will appear. Within this workflow, the ops team is able to post an offer for this particular device across all the reselling platform they use, saving them valuable time. Following the same logic, the team is then able to perform all the tasks from posting the device online to shipping it away.

The product resell steps at Hellozack.


Forest Admin enabled Hellozack to save a considerable amount of time, allowing their business operations team to focus on delivering best-in class service rather than dealing with time-consuming processes.

Forest Admin's advanced workflow management tool allowed them to automate crucial tasks in their business value chain, increasing productivity globally and ensuring a second to none service towards their clients.

If you want more details on the way our customers use Forest Admin, don't hesitate to contact us!

In the meantime, you can also try Forest Admin for free.