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Optimizing Customer Support Efficiency: How Raylo manages CS operations with Forest Admin

Raylo is an innovative subscription payment platform that lets retailers offer a variety of electronic devices through subscriptions. Read why they chose Forest Admin to make the central hub for all Customer Support related operations.

Forest Admin loves Raylo

Executive Summary

Raylo is an innovative subscription payment platform that lets retailers offer a variety of electronic devices through subscriptions. To streamline their operations, Raylo needed a central hub of all the company's operations: The single source of truth for all customer data and a user-friendly way to take action based on the data. They chose Forest Admin because it allows the team to rapidly generate an admin panel on top of their Postgres database.

About Raylo

Amidst global economic uncertainties and a decline in consumer electronics sales, Raylo offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy top-quality smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other gadgets through a convenient short-term subscription mode. By subscribing instead of buying, Raylo’s circular model ensures that every product gets an extended life through an automatic cycle of refurbishment and reuse.

The UK-based company has recently secured £110 million ($136 million) in funding to expand its innovative business model.

The challenges Raylo faced before using Forest Admin

As the core offering of Raylo revolves around leasing the devices to customers, the company needed efficient tools for the operations team. The core of their operations is managing subscriptions, which involves tracking important details like start dates, monthly payments, and lease statuses. Additionally, Raylo's operations team plays a vital role in delivering excellent customer support. They engage with customers, handle support requests and tickets, and ensure a seamless leasing experience.

To streamline their operations and enhance customer service, Raylo needed a user-friendly and customisable tool that non-technical users could easily utilise. They chose Forest Admin because it enables efficient customer data management, task automation through Smart Actions, and data analysis for valuable insights.

How Raylo uses Forest Admin

Raylo uses Forest Admin to efficiently manage day-to-day operations. When Raylo’s customer support team is on a call with a customer or working on solving tickets asynchronously, they need immediate access to information about customers’ subscriptions and leases, such as:

  • Subscription start date,
  • Monthly subscription amount,
  • Delivery status,
  • And more.

Additionally, customers often provide additional information about their needs and subscriptions during calls, and Raylo’s team members need to quickly update the data or take action based on the received information. Customers frequently contact Raylo to inquire about the status of their orders or their subscriptions.

When customers provide a unique reference number, the name or the email address, the support team member uses Forest Admin to easily retrieve all the customer information stored in the database.

Raylo operational usage in Forest Admin

Raylo has customised their Forest Admin with smart actions to make such actions possible. For example, they have buttons to modify a subscription, cancel a subscription, change the device customers order if they change their mind, and more.

Forest Admin Summary View Example
This is a screenshot of a demo project showcasing Forest Admin as a Customer Support tool. We cannot access our user data. It displays a list of collections (representing the database), related data, details about a specific customer, and action buttons.

Raylo also extensively utilises dashboards and workspaces. Both features help the team keep track of weekly, daily, and overall cancellations, returns, and team KPIs.

We use Forest Admin at Raylo on a daily basis. Our customers expect us to promptly address their tickets, and Forest Admin saves us a significant amount of time by providing a single space where we can easily access all customer data, the UI to resolve customer issues, and dashboards to monitor business operations and identify trends. - Adam Lusk, VP of Operations at Raylo.

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