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Best n8n Workflows for Customer Success Teams

The idea of automation in Customer Support is nothing new, but Forest Admin combined with n8n brings it to the next level. Read how to launch workflows that make your admin panel the central hub for CS operations.

Best n8n Workflows for Customer Success Teams

The idea of automation in customer support is not new. Embracing automation and implementing effective tools empowers support teams to go above and beyond when solving customers' queries and issues. However, it doesn't fix one extremely common challenge: The problem of using many tools at the same time, switching between them and updating data manually, tool by tool. Here comes n8n.

If you're unfamiliar with n8n, let me fill you in. n8n is an open-source workflow automation tool that allows you to connect various apps and services to create automated workflows. With its intuitive visual interface, you can easily design complex workflows by connecting nodes that represent different tasks or actions.

Thanks to the native integration with Forest Admin, you can now easily merge your admin panel with Customer.io, ClickUp, Intercom, Hubspot, Zendesk, Google Workspaces, Slack, and thousands of other tools. We have already covered how to build an n8n workflow on Forest Admin, and shared a couple of examples of n8n workflows for Sales teams. Now, let's delve into real-life use cases validated by our own Customer Success Team for maximizing the benefits of automation.

Synchronize all user data with one click on the button

Typically, CS teams use at least a few different tools on a daily basis that can't be replaced with one universal app. They can, however, be connected in one automated workflow that synchronizes user data scattered across different tools. If your team uses Hubspot, n8n combined with Hubspot API gives limitless possibilities.

Workflow example:

  1. User information is manually updated in the admin panel, for example after moving to a different team, changing the last name, or for any other reason.
  2. With one click in the admin panel, the updated information is sent to a CRM, email marketing platform, database, and any other tool a CS team uses.
  3. A CS owner is notified on Slack.
User data workflow example in n8n

Possible integrations:

  • Forest Admin and n8n,
  • Hubspot/Customer.io/Salesforce/Zoho CRM/Pipedrive/Insightly, and other CRMs,
  • Sendgrid/Mailjet/Mailerlite/Mailchimp/FreshMail, and other email marketing platforms,
  • Supabase, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, and any other database,
  • Intercom, Help Scout, Zendesk, LiveChat and other CS software,
  • Slack, Mattermost, and other internal communication tool.

Seamless onboarding for new users

Each time new users are invited to an admin panel, they need to appear in other tools, like CRMs, and also receive an onboarding email (or a sequence of emails). It is also often the moment when customer success teams take over a customer won by the sales team, therefore there needs to be a new owner assigned.

Workflow example:

  1. A new user appears in the admin panel, for example by invitation from a space admin.
  2. Save user information in Hubspot or another CRM.
  3. Assign a CS owner.
  4. Create a new user in an email marketing tool, for example, Customer.io.
  5. Add this user to a segment in Customer.io.
  6. Send a welcome email.
  7. Notify a CS owner on Slack.
User onboarding workflow example in n8n

Possible integrations:

  • Forest Admin and n8n,
  • Hubspot/Customer.io/Salesforce/Zoho CRM/Pipedrive/Insightly, and other CRMs,
  • Customer.io/Sendgrid/Mailjet/Mailerlite/Mailchimp/FreshMail, and other email marketing platforms,
  • Slack, Mattermost, and other internal communication tool.

Hassle-free invoice management

In the ideal world, invoices for subscriptions are always paid on time, credit card information is always on time, and payments are never rejected. In reality, CS owners often need to chase clients and make manual actions with different tools in case of an issue. This can also be solved with n8n workflows.

Workflow example:

  1. An automated (monthly or yearly) payment was rejected. The CS owner is notified on Slack.
  2. A client is automatically charged again on Stripe.
  3. A link to the new invoice is created on Chargebee.
  4. A notification is sent to a customer via email.
  5. If payment is failed again, the CS owner is notified, and the workflow repeats.
Invoice management workflow example in n8n

Need more inspiration for n8n workflows for Customer Success teams?

n8n and its hundreds of integrations give almost endless possibilities for workflows that allows customer support experts to focus on what they are best at, and not on switching between different tools and updating them manually. Here are a few more ideas to get you inspired:

  • If a transaction is marked as fraudulent in the admin panel, a CS owner is notified, and a follow-up task is created in a project management tool such as ClickUp or Asana.
  • When sending a survey, each time a feedback submission is captured e.g. in Airtable or TypeForm, a workflow can enrich user data with Clearbit, analyze a sentiment with Idiomatic, Talkwalker, or Brand24.
  • NPS survey: Each time a customer rates their satisfaction below a certain threshold, a CS owner is notified and a support ticket is created.
  • For customers on yearly plans, a workflow creates an event in the CS owner's calendar. e.g. 2 weeks before the end of the subscription, and a follow-up task in a project management tool such as ClickUp or Asana.
  • If a support ticket is successfully resolved in the admin panel, other third-party tools and ticketing systems such as Zoho are also updated.
  • When the system detects a critical or unresolved support ticket, the escalation workflow is created, notifying a higher-level team member or management. Specific conditions can be created, e.g. if a ticket remains unresolved after a certain period of time or if a customer sentiment score exceeds a threshold.

I hope that now you have a clear understanding of how n8n can supercharge your support operations and empower customer success teams to provide exceptional customer experiences. Here is how to get started:

  1. Create an account on Forest Admin if you haven't got one yet. The integration with n8n is available on every plan, including the free plan.
  2. Build a workflow on n8n using webhooks.
  3. If you created a project on Forest Admin Cloud (also called Instant Setup), go to your project's settings and follow the instructions from this blog post. It's quick and easy!
  4. If you don't use Forest Admin Cloud, you need to create a Smart Action.
  5. Once it's ready, tell us about your experience! It's a new feature so we'd love to hear your feedback.