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Forest Admin Release Notes: June 2023

Curious about our latest product releases? Here is what we launched in June 2023 πŸ₯³ and what we are going to launch soon 🀫

Forest Admin Release Notes: June 2023

Curious about our latest product releases? Here is what we launched in June 2023 πŸ₯³ and what we are going to launch soon 🀫

New product releases

Unleashing the Power of Automation: Forest Admin & n8n

You might have heard that we are huge fans of n8n. This open-source workflow automation tool gives everyone the power to create complex automated workflows without coding skills or technical expertise. With n8n, all you have to do is connect various apps, services, and data sources, enabling a seamless flow of data and actions. The best part? You can now harness this power within your admin panel! Β πŸš€

Watch this video to see how easy it is to get started πŸ‘‡

⚠️ n8n workflows launched this way are currently exclusively available for Forest Admin Cloud users (also known as Instant Setup). If you do not have access to the feature as shown in this video, you can still launch n8n workflows just like any other smart action. Here is how.

Forest Admin πŸ’š Metabase

A BI tool or an admin panel? Why not both? πŸ€“ Thanks to the integration of Forest Admin and Metabase, operations managers no longer need to manage 2 different tools - Metabase dashboards work seamlessly on Forest Admin. Questions and solutions are now all in one place, exactly where the core of your product data lies!

Watch how to integrate Metabase into Forest Admin in 1 minute πŸ‘‡

User provisioning with SCIM is now available on Forest Admin

At Forest Admin we love to see our users grow 🌱 As companies expand, the number of users and third-party tools multiplies exponentially, making automated user identity lifecycle management process a must-have. While Forest Admin has long provided single-sign-on login capabilities, we're excited to take it a step further by introducing user provisioning via SCIM for all users on the Pro and Enterprise plans.

We have implemented this feature to work with OneLogin and Okta, but other Identity Providers may be added manually.

SSO is now available on Microsoft Azure AD

Microsoft Azure Active Directory joined the list of supported SAML 2.0 identity providers. Find out how to configure SSO for your organization using Azure AD.

Edit your data directly in the Workspace field

It's hard to imagine a workspace without field components. They let you display all the necessary information, upload documents or images, and access data from your collections. Previously, those fields were read-only, however, based on your feedback, we have implemented the ability to modify the currently selected record directly through the field components. All you need to do is add an action button and link it to the field component.

Here is how you can set it up πŸ‘‡

... or open a full-screen mode in a new tab.

Coming soon 🀫

We're working on a new feature to enhance your project's development and integration experience. Our new β€œTest” environment will be particularly beneficial for organizations utilizing CI/CD workflows, as it will allow for easy testing of new features without the hassle of managing roles and permissions. We're planning to roll out this feature during the summer. Let us know if you'd like to be among the first users notified when it's going to be released!

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