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Forest Admin Release Notes May 2024

Curious about our latest product releases? Here is what we released in May 2024 🥳 and what we are going to launch soon 🤫

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Last month we released a few small but mighty features that will make a visible impact on your daily operations. You can now activate or deactivate features for some teams (e.g. to restrict access to logs to external users) and leave comments in Approval Workflows. Finally, you can take advantage of the resource center directly on Forest Admin.

Let's dive in 👇

🚦  Limit access to some parts of your admin panel

All Forest Admin users have access their team's data view, approval workflows, created inboxes, and activity logs by default. Specific layouts can be restricted based on a role. However, if you don't want, for example, your external partners to access your company's activity logs or internal notes, you can enable or disable features displayed to your team members. In addition, your side bar will gain a minimalistic look. You will find this option in the Project Settings → Teams, but first, we need to enable it for you.

A screenshot from Forest Admin demo project presenting Project Settings with a new feature to restrict access to some features.

Contact us if you want to set this up.

💬  Comments in Approval Workflows

Anyone can trigger some actions, but in specific cases (such as giving a generous discount) it's better if they go through a secondary validation and a manual approval. That's what Approval Workflows are for.  Watch this video if you haven't started using them yet 👇

Approval Workflows have just got a new useful functionality 🎉  You can now easily leave comments with rich text editor features including an autolink, and tag any user to give a reason behind approval or rejection.

A screenshot from Forest Admin Approval Workflows presenting a new flow with a rich text editor for somments.

ℹ️ Support & Resource Center at your fingertips

You have probably already noticed a green Get Help button that appears on the menu bar on the left. That's the new Forest Admin help center. The documentation, guides, tutorials and other tips are not available at your fingertips, without closing your admin panel.

A GIF presenting a new resource center on Forest Admin.

🥁 Coming Soon

We're currently working on big and small features to make your daily operations a breeze. Here is what you can expect in the coming weeks:

  • Inbox will gain new capabilities, such as a manager view with a backlog of records and their details. On top of that, the performance center will help managers keep track on their team's performance.
  • Workspaces will gain a Metabase component, allowing you to embed Metabase dashboards.
  • We will offer the possibility to export Activity Logs (edit: released, read more in the docs), User History and Notes through an API. If you are interested in it, simply reply to my email and I will put you in touch with the right team.
  • And last but not least, if you’re tired of switching between multiple tools to get your job done, we have great news for you. We are currently working on a solution to embed Forest Admin directly into your favorite tool. This integration will allow you to access all your data and trigger workflows from only one tool.

New Case Studies: How Fintecture uses Forest Admin as the central hub for Operations across Teams

Fintecture is a B2B-focused payment solution provider with a mission to simplify and secure payment processes. Their innovative payment solutions have established the company as an industry leader, catering to a diverse clientele including Leroy Merlin, Edenred, Auchan Retail, and Bricoman. Forest Admin is currently used by most of Fintecture's teams, including Customer Support, Customer Success, KYC, Fraud Management, Product, and Tech.

The most important thing in customer operations is to have a place where you have all the data centralized and where you can both investigate and take actions. Forest Admin saves our teams a lot of clicks and switching between tabs, making our work very efficient. - said Mathilde Persillon, the Director of Customers.

Tech for Good: The Role of Forest Admin in Edumiam's Journey

Edumiam, a social startup that promotes equal opportunities by offering training to early childhood professionals, also relies on Forest Admin as a backbone for its back office operations.

All the teams at Edumiam use Forest, whether it's the sales team to record their quotes, the finance team to track invoices and build financial dashboards, or the engineering teams to monitor the training completion of our learners. - said Caroline Le Viet, the co-founder of Edumiam.

That's all folks! If you have any questions about the new features, don't hesitate to let us know.

If you are interested in previous release notes, you can find them here.

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