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How Collective increases autonomy across teams with Forest Admin

Collective – a platform designed to facilitate collaboration between freelancers – has entrusted Forest Admin to help them connect hundreds of professionals spread around the world.

Forest Admin and Collective

Forest Admin’s core mission is to empower our customers so that they might optimize the way they run their businesses on a daily basis.

Collective – a platform designed to facilitate collaboration between freelancers – has entrusted Forest Admin for its ease of use in comparison to other solutions, all in order to increase the autonomy of their non-tech employees.

We are delighted to help Collective connect hundreds of professionals spread around the world and smoothen their teams’ efficiency.

The platform offers its members a range of tools and resources to help them find and secure new clients, manage projects as well as contracts, and collaborate internationally.

The company's CTO, Paul Vidal, was already familiar with Forest Admin and chose it as the platform for Collective because of our “combination of flexibility and pre-configured features,” he said.

The right amount of flexibility

Flexibility is great but can also impede operations as it entails time to figure things out.

Most teams cannot afford spending hours configuring the various tools they need to be operational.

As it turned out, Paul tried out other solutions – such as Retool – to have a better overview of the options out there. The reason he ultimately chose Forest Admin was because other back office solutions were over-flexible, and therefore required extra time for the initial setup.

Forest Admin “had everything setup for us already… allowing us to do simple CRUD operations super fast on our app,” he further explained.

Connecting any given database to our solution will automatically generate a fully functional admin panel to work with from the get go – a clear differentiator on the market.

The customer is free to further customize his or her panel as they wish, taking advantage of the wide array of possibilities Forest Admin offers.

Valuable features

In addition to being easy to integrate, Forest Admin is also easy to use as it brings a wide set of features to the table that make it a top choice for many companies.

The user roles feature is “particularly valuable,” the Collective team explained. It indeed saved their teams both time and effort to quickly set up their own system for user permissions.

Collective uses Forest Admin daily for a range of tasks, including sending project briefs, creating shortlists of collectives for specific projects, and updating collectives on project updates.

The team also finds it useful for accessing important information about users and managing the company's collective page.

In the eyes of Collective, Forest Admin offers both guidance and support alongside appropriate flexibility that ensure smooth accessibility.

Super-admins and advantages for all

The better a solution, the more beneficial it’ll be to various teams.

Forest Admin is a product designed to ease the technical burden of entire companies. This means more autonomy for ops teams and therefore more time for developers to work on the company’s core mission.

One of the main pain points that Forest Admin solves for Collective is that it allows non-technical team members to easily interact with the application's data, turning them into "super-admins," they explained.

This is particularly valuable for the ops team as it makes them fully autonomous.

Ops team members are able to handle a range of tasks with no technical assistance while the engineering team can help assist at an easy pace if needed.

Collective's ops team was for instance able to configure some useful smart actions that allow them to send numerous personalized emails. “This is a killer feature allowing us to communicate with users without needing to write individualized emails for each one… a true game changer,” they explained.

Forest Admin also enables the tech team to add new customization features for the ops team, and even tweak the UI with the consent of ops and business teams. They can even come to the rescue if need be and restrict access to prevent any further damage.

All in all, it is a win-win for everyone involved, and what appears to be a 5-stars rating for the lumberjacks.

5 stars

Overall, Collective has found Forest Admin to be a valuable and user-friendly tool that has helped the company streamline its operations and improve the efficiency of its teams.

The fact that we provide the right amount of flexibility along with self-generated features to jump-start usage of our platform have made Forest Admin a perfect fit for Collective.

The company was eager to share its positive feedback on how we manage to make a difference for them.

Beyond humbling us, this demonstrates the versatility of our solution and reinforces our drive to provide the best admin panel we can.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

A quote from the Collective company about Forest Admin.