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Customize your internal tool to your own needs

The flexibility of a SaaS solution,
with the customization features of a homemade tool

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Implement your own actions

Trigger your own actions with a click of a button thanks to our our Smart Actions feature, designed to give you full control over all the different business logics you need to implement.

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Visualize your data in your own way

Display your records in a custom-built view, and browse through your data effortlessly. Our Smart Views feature lets you code your own views using JS, HTML and CSS using EmberJS or ReactJS frameworks to match your business needs.

Segment your data

Our Smart Segments feature is designed for those who want to systematically visualize data after applying a specific set of conditions closely mirroring their business operations — however complex they are.

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Forest Admin Feature Image Smart Fields

Compute your data on-the-go

Combine and utilize data together without cluttering your databases using our Smart Fields feature, and have it all appear on your user interface effortlessly.

Create data connections
with ease

Using our Smart Relationship feature, you can create virtual relationships between collections without having to create them in your database, so storing and visualizing happens in the front end only.

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Forest Admin Feature Image Smart Charts

Keep track of your KPIs effortlessly

Help your team follow your most important metrics and establish a single source of truth for your analytics by utilizing our Smart Charts tailored to your business logic.

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