Quickly build interfaces for your daily tasks

Low code, drag and drop editor for anyone
to build the perfect interface on top of their data

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Increase teams productivity

Provide operational teams with purpose built interfaces to visualize and manipulate data for their daily workflows, so they don't waste time juggling between multiple screens to perform a single task.

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Make non devs autonomous

Enable operational teams to build and optimize their interfaces easily via a low-code editor, without development resources, and free your developers' time

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Ship and iterate faster

Adapt to changing market conditions or launch new operations by building or updating interfaces for new workflows in minutes.

WYSIWYG, drag and drop builder

Easily drag and drop pre-built and customizable charts, buttons, tables and more into your Workspace to create the perfect interface

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Don't start from a blank page

Out of the box, Forest Admin automatically generates and displays collections based on your data, that you can directly use in your Workspaces so you can start without any configuration

Make the most of your data

Leverage your records’ data across multiple components to perform your tasks in one place, no matter the underlying data structure. Coming soon

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Add your own dynamic components

Add your business logic and create custom components that go beyond simple Create Read Update Delete operations, drag and drop them in your Workspace. Coming soon

Go beyond single page applications

Leverage multipage workspaces allows to address sophisticated use cases that require your workflows to happen on different, interlinked pages. Coming soon

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Don't limit yourself to internal users

Forest Admin Workspaces is also available in Forest Admin for Partners. Easily build and iterate on interfaces that will make working with your company even easier.

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