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Share secure subsets of your Forest Admin to the companies you do business with (customers, vendors, suppliers, resellers).

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They use Forest Admin with their partners to build best-in-class operations

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App-wide API Enforced Scopes

Segregate the data each user has access to and enforce these scopes for all routes (get, put, delete)

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Configure the level of permission at user level to ensure they have specific rights to view and interact with relevant data

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Approval Workflow

Add an additional layer of security by selecting specific users to approve smart actions when triggered by standard users

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Single Sign-On

Enable your users to log in with just one set of credentials

Delegated User Management

Allow specific users to invite/remove users from their own organization and invite users in bulk

White Labelling

Design Forest Admin specifically to your admin needs with your specific colors and logo to ensure you have the same level of personalization as with homemade tools

Intuitive UX and Intensive Support

Simply take control of our low-code platform and benefit from our free support if you need help in the configuration of your admin panel

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Security & data privacy

We did the heavy lifting so you can provide your partners with a secure platform, compliant with their requirements and to industry regulatory standards.

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No access to your data

Data transits through an API generated by our open source plugin installed in your app directly to your end-user browser, while remaining invisible to our Forest servers.

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Business-grade level of security

We know that with scalability comes great responsibility, and it is specifically true when opening your platform to external users. That’s why we made sure to provide a business grade level of security: 2FA, IP Whitelist (to name a few) comes out of the box with Forest.

They deployed shared Forest Admin for their partners

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We use the Forest Admin panel in all of our physical stores to make sure we keep the right stock of all of our different types of glasses.

Gideon de Kok, Technical Director

Logo CellEd

Forest Admin for Partners came out as the ideal solution, enabling us to both deploy the platform very rapidly on our own infrastructure and at a fraction of the cost of in-house development.

Luis Carbonell - VP of Strategy and Innovation

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We were able to go so quickly with Forest Admin's help from an out-of-the-box solution to something fairly custom that did exactly what we wanted for Carrot without us having to change our workflows or adapt our technical stack to fit!

Tyler Evans, co-founder & CTO of BTC Inc.

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