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The Admin Interface your application deserves

A universal admin interface designed to manage all
your application data and business operations.

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Built for developers
by developers

Install Forest and focus on your product instead of wasting time building and maintaining an outdated DIY admin.

Instant setup

Install the Forest agent in your application to analyze your data models and instantly set up an admin interface.


Customizable at will

Extend the REST API to handle even the most complex scenarios with no restrictions, limitations or trade-offs.

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Two-way integrations

Connect your 3rd party services to create intelligent consistency between all your data without needing to change context.

Data Privacy & Security

Keep control of your data, which is transferred directly from your application to your browser while remaining invisible to our servers.

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Run your business operations
better and faster.

Regardless of the nature and complexity of your business, Forest easily integrates
all your operations and replicates your company structure with group management.

Marketing & Sales

Create dashboards to get real-time analytics and insights about your business.

Customer support

Access and edit any records with an extra layer of user group management.

Business intelligence

Assess what is driving your growth by visualizing sharp data for your day-to-day activities.

Specific operations

Integrate any specific business use cases relating to everything from moderation to booking, planning and accounting.

Connect your services to gather all your intelligence in one place.


Enhance user details with session data (e.g. location, browser, platform) and a list of your conversations.


Complete user details with a list of their Stripe payments, invoices, and credit cards.

Google Analytics

Fuel your dashboard with your audience chart, reached goals, etc.


Keep track of user actions with event triggers to learn how people use your application.


Complement user details with info about all the marketing campaigns they’ve received.


Retrieve information from meetings and keep an eye on your ‘sales ready’ users.


Follow up on all external communication with your users directly in your admin.


Understand your overall user experience and build strong customer relationships.


Integrate data like conversion rates from your marketing campaigns in your user profiles.


Link your pipeline to your active users to get a clear view of your business opportunities.


Follow up delivery status per user directly in your admin.


Connect the service to track, analyze and optimize your digital marketing performance.

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