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KYC Solution

Forest Admin helped dozens of companies ship a fast and comprehensive KYC solution with business security level in a few hours. Try it yourself, save weeks of development time, and empower your operational teams with KYC tools that let them access and process user information incredibly fast.

Every company providing financial services is legally bound to verify the identity and suitability of their clients and partners. It places costly responsibilities on businesses operating in the financial industry, especially smaller structures that need to implement effective tools and processes from day one. Forest Admin is efficient, built to scale and easy to integrate with other KYC solutions.

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KYC Verification Tool, KYC Software, KYC Admin Panel

It took me literally 1 min to set up my KYC process on Forest Admin and I don’t have to perform old SQL queries into the raw database to access customers’ information.

Maylis Amram, Customer Success manager at Spendesk
Spendesk (KYC)
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KYC features you can see in this demo

KYC - Summary View

Summary View

You have all your customers information in a single view.

KYC - Smart Actions

Smart Actions

You can upload new documents, accept or reject them, ask customers to update new documents.

KYC - Dashboards


You can keep track of key metrics regarding KYC process.

KYC - Segments


You can define a workflow according to the status of your customers onboarding or your documents verification (signed up, awaiting legal docs, accepted...)

KYC - Smart Views

Smart Views

On Documents Validations table, you can check the consistency between database information and documents, keep track of the backlog of unverified documents, save time decreasing number of clicks.

KYC - Widgets


You can use the rich text editor to display a credit card with customer information, use the file picker to upload document and edit, rotate and crop the uploaded documents.

KYC - Explorer


You can browse your linked collections, navigating through documents, transactions, contacts from the Companies collection.

KYC - Approval Workflow

Approval Workflows

You can assign KYC checks to various team members, implementing another layer of structure and security on your workflows.

KYC - Role-based permissions

Role-based Permissions

You can give different permissions to your team members to make your processes more secure and robust.

KYC - Activity Logs

Activity Logs

You can check what has been done on a record or by another user.

KYC - Notes


You can communicate and leave a note on specific records.

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