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Med-tech Management

Med-tech companies ought to optimize all that they can. Forest Admin helps streamline medical day-to-day operations, improve efficiency, and comply with the regulations that govern the healthcare industry.

As a med-tech company, you face unique challenges that require a solution designed specifically for your needs. With Forest Admin, you can quickly build customized interfaces and dashboards that give your team the tools needed to manage patient data, track inventory, and monitor your operations in real-time. Our solution is easy to use, scalable, and designed to integrate seamlessly with other software systems you may be using.

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Healthcare management, med-tech business

The Sequelize integration is seamless, so adding a back-office page for a new feature isn't a concern, since it's already there with Forest Admin.

Pierre Renaudin, CTO at Slite
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Healthcare features you can see in this demo:

Med-tech – Smart Actions

Smart Actions

You can manage data relative to a medical professionals or hospitals – such as making appointments, canceling them of referring patients to other doctors.

Med-tech – Segments


Organize patients and hospitals according to their status (admitted, discharged, awaiting treatment, in treatment...)

Med-tech – Summary View

Summary View

Access comprehensive information about your patients and efficiently manage actions from a single, unified view.

Med-tech – Smart View

Smart View

In the Medical Records Validation table, you can verify the consistency between database information and medical documents, monitor the backlog of unverified records, and save time by reducing the number of clicks required.

Med-tech – Widgets


Utilize the rich text editor to showcase a patient information card, employ the file picker for uploading medical documents, and easily edit, rotate, and crop the uploaded files as needed.

Med-tech - Explorer


Effortlessly browse your linked collections, navigating through your patients from the hospitals or healthcare facilities collection.

Med-tech – Activity Logs

Activity logs

Monitor actions performed on a patient record or by another user, ensuring transparency and accountability within your healthcare system.

Med-tech – Notes


Collaborate with other team members on a patient record to discuss and address healthcare-related concerns or issues.

Med-tech – Approval Workflows

Approval Workflows

Enhance security by implementing approval workflows to authorize specific actions (such as admitting or discharging a patient), ensuring proper oversight and compliance.

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