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Fleet Management

Fleet management is an essential and difficult task for Operations teams working in the mobility industry that need to perform live car tracking, maintenance management, occupation rate optimization, booking management, routing, and performance monitoring.

Forest Admin provides a fleet management solution and helps companies to manage their vehicles in real-time, deal with their bookings in an easy and efficient manner. Team members can contact their drivers and customers quickly, and have visibility of their operational performance. Try it yourself and save weeks of development time.

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Fleet Management Solution, Fleet operations

With Forest Admin, it has become so much easier to build and maintain our internal fleet management platform that gives our operational teams what they need to manage our vehicles in real-time.

Louis de Tersant, Chief Information Officer at Ada
Ada (Fleet management)
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Fleet management features you can see in this demo:

Fleet management - Smart actions

Smart Actions

You can contact a driver, mark it as out of service, change driver on a course, cancel a drive.

Fleet management - Segments


Classify drivers and drives according to their status (available, booked, under maintenance, live...)

Fleet Management - Summary View

Summary View

You can get all the information of your drivers and quickly perform actions from one single view.

Fleet management - Smart View

Smart View

You can see all your fleet and current drives on a map.

Fleet management - Dashboards


You can follow your performance and KPIs and investigate specific records through analytics.

Fleet Management - Smart fields

Smart Fields

You can create a field that computes the full name of a driver or the total price of a drive.

Fleet Management - Widgets


You can display or edit the information in a nicer way (rich text editor, price, map, date, percentage...).

Fleet management - Role-based permissions

Role-based Permissions

You can enhance security by giving different roles and permissions to your team members.

Fleet management - Approval workflows

Approval Workflows

You can increase security by setting approval workflows to approve certain actions (such as blocking a driver).

Fleet Management - Explorer


You can browse your linked collections, navigating through your drives from the drivers collection.

Fleet management - Activity logs

Activity logs

You can check what has been done on a record or by another user.

Fleet management - Notes


You can communicate with other team members on a record about an operational issue.

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