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Transactions Monitoring and Fraud Management

Fraud detection and transactions management are a critical requirement for Fintech companies that need to cope with increasing digital frauds (such as phishing, identity fraud, account or transaction fraud). Most companies use powerful Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms in order to quickly detect and prevent fraud.

Forest Admin helps Fintech companies to monitor their financial flows, lets them quickly visualize the data, identify the risks and take appropriate action. It also offers high security standards to empower their teams to manage transactions and sensitive data in a safe and flexible way. Try it yourself and save weeks of development time.

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Use cases
Transaction Management tool, Fraud detection tool

Forest Admin has helped a lot when it comes to identifying and processing suspicious transactions. Their unique architecture allows our fraud prevention team to approve or reject a transaction without ever switching interface.

Germain Michou-Tonning, Director of Operations at Qonto
Qonto (Transactions Management)
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Transactions monitoring features you can see in this demo:

Transactions - Smart Actions

Smart Actions

You can approve or reject a transaction, mark it as fraudulent, declare a card as stolen, process wire transfer, contact your customers in the same interface.

Transactions - Summary View

Summary View

You have all your customers information in a single view and can quickly perform actions in reaction to fraud detection.

Transactions - Approval workflow

Approval Worflows

You can increase security by setting approval workflows to approve transactions.

Transactions - Dashboards


You can keep track of key metrics and investigate quickly on transactions and fraud, at a global and record level.

Transactions - Role-based permissions

Role-based Permissions

You can enhance security by giving different roles and permissions to your team members.

Transactions - Segments


You can define workflows for your transactions according to their status and risk level (accepted, rejected, fraud detected...).

Transactions - Smart fields

Smart Fields

You can create a field that computes HTML and displays a credit card for your customer card details information.

Transactions - Notes


You can collaborate and communicate with other team members on a transaction or a fraud case.

Transactions - Explorer


You can browse your linked collections, navigating through documents, transactions, contacts from the companies collection.

Transactions - Widgets


You can display or edit the information in a nicer way (rich text editor, price, text, date, percentage...).

Transactions - Activity logs

Activity logs

You can check what has been done on a record or by another user.

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