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A single source for all data

Handle, visualize, and manipulate all your data through one platform, rather than dozens. With Forest Admin, you can search and filter through your records and use the built-in forms to edit them or create new ones, whatever the datasource (e.g. database, REST API, GraphQL API, 3rd-party SaaS, etc.).

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Streamlined operations

Enhance your business teams' productivity by cutting down on scattered processes and platform cluttering. With Forest Admin, you can integrate your logic through the use of custom endpoints, and let your team trigger custom actions and take complete ownership of your business workflows.

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Data analytics

Leverage data from multiple data sources, and run analytics on it in one central place. No need to worry about consolidating analytics from various places — plug your data sources in, and create various charts on the fly to monitor and track your business's activity.

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Scale and performance

Support your business growth with a powerful and scalable data management platform. Whether the business behind your app is a startup scaling up or a larger corporation expanding, Forest Admin has the power to support your projects.

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Security, Governance & Privacy

Make sure all your data is managed with the utmost security and privacy, and secure your internal tool with enforced 2FA authentication, auto-logout, IP whitelisting features, and controlled user permissions through a centralized and granular Access Control List (ACL).

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Connect easily to your data

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