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Forest Admin Workspaces: doubling down on low code

Introducing Forest Admin Workspaces Forest Admin Workspaces is a WYSIWIG drag and drop editor that enables Forest Admin users to easily build and iterate on the perfect custom interface for their specific workflows.

Forest Admin Workspaces: doubling down on low code

Our mission at Forest Admin is to improve the efficiency of businesses of all sizes, by empowering developers to ship purpose built internal tools fast, and business users to fine tune those tools easily. We believe that in the near future organizations won’t have to compromise between the customizability of building software from scratch and the convenience and speed of buying off-the-shelf SaaS tools to address their operational needs.

This promise is what the low code approach to software development already delivers today. At Forest Admin, we’ve embraced this approach from the beginning, by providing our users with a fully functional admin panel packaging the must have capabilities on top of their databases right after connecting those databases to our tool, while allowing them to customize their admin panel for their specific needs with pre-built or custom components, expediting the development of internal tools.

Today, fed by our users' feedback and their challenges, we’re doubling down on low code.

Introducing Forest Admin Workspaces

Forest Admin Workspaces is a WYSIWIG drag and drop editor that enables Forest Admin users to easily build and iterate on the perfect custom interface for their specific workflows.

A Forest Admin Workspace being edited.

We built Workspaces because we believe operational teams shouldn’t have to be constrained by the underlying structure of their data, and have to navigate through different screens to perform a single task. By providing your operational teams with purpose built interfaces to visualize and manipulate data for their daily workflows, they don't waste time and gain efficiency.

But building those dedicated interfaces from scratch or diving into code to update them isn’t sustainable for your developer teams. With Workspaces, we give business teams autonomy. They can build and optimize their interfaces easily via a drag and drop editor without development resources, freeing your developers’ time.

This approach also increases organization’s agility. Evolving market conditions and high growth require organizations to constantly adapt. Your internal tools should not slow you down. Workspaces allows you to adapt or launch new operations by building or updating interfaces for new workflows in minutes.

What makes Forest Admin Workspaces unique is that you won’t start from a blank page. Out of the box, Forest Admin automatically generates and displays collections based on your data, so you can start without any configuration.

We also believe you shouldn’t compromise security for ease of use. Just like any other feature, Forest Admin Workplaces benefits from our unique architecture. Your data goes through the admin API hosted on your servers, right into your end-user browser interface. It remains completely invisible to our servers, so it can never be accessed or stored by anyone other than you.

Finally, this new capability isn’t limited to your internal users. It is also available in Forest Admin for Partners, so you can easily build and iterate on interfaces that will make working with your company even easier.

The foundation of a powerful application layer

This initial release is only a first step. It lays the foundation for a full fledged Forest Admin application layer.

Indeed, Workspaces builds on top of our core strength: from the initial installation, Forest Admin takes care of the discovery and representation of your data, and automatically builds basic functions on top of it. Those functions are immediately available to build interfaces within Workspaces.

Developers can then create custom actions, forms, business logic packaged into components that then become available for non technical users within Workspaces, so they can create more complex applications.

As we will add customization options, pre-built components and functionalities to Workspaces, your operational teams will be able to build more and more sophisticated, multi-page applications to help them achieve their missions.

To learn more about Forest Admin Workspaces capabilities and try it out, head to its dedicated page or learn how to build a Workspace for a KYC use case!