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Introducing Forest Admin AI

Learn how to integrate AI with Forest Admin to achieve operational excellence and lower costs.

Introducing Forest Admin AI

In the rapidly evolving landscape of AI, Forest Admin might have seemed like the silent player. In contrast to companies like Slite, ClickUp, GitBook, or even HubSpot that have made AI a significant part of their go-to-market strategy, we haven't officially launched any AI-powered features. However, it doesn't mean they are not there. In fact, AI has been a part of Forest Admin since the beginning of the trend. But truth to be told, it wasn't obvious for us back then. Why?

Because of how Forest Admin works. As you might know, Forest Admin is there to provide you with the user interface for your admin panel. But the code is yours; you own it as well as your customer data. We don't have access to it, and we can't see all the customizations done by Forest Admin, including the AI-powered ones. But numerous use cases have been there for a long time, and we discovered them during user interviews.

How Forest Admin customers use AI

First, we reached out to our users operating in financial services, and we discovered a plethora of industry-specific and company-specific processes where implementing AI has made a tremendous impact on employee productivity and the speed of the processes. For example, in the KYC or the KYB onboarding processes, we discovered that people have been using optical character recognition to extract data from legal documents and automated actions to save the data in the system. No more manual work, only a verification if AI-powered automated data entry was correct. We discovered that our users do lead scoring to prioritize customer success operations or even the sales process, NPS, BI insights, etc. All on Forest Admin, using AI-powered smart actions. We've discovered thousands of similar use cases and then we just simply tried to categorize them. And we've found 4 main categories:

  • data extraction,
  • data enrichment,
  • data computation,
  • data entry.

All of these actions have a tremendous impact on the speed and quality of customer operations, and implementing them on Forest Admin is a breeze. Just have a look at this example 👇

Let's say you work in the onboarding team and you need to manually onboard our customers. You received a driver's license, an ID, or another proof of address and you need to save this data in the database. A typical way of doing it is manual data entry. It is not only slow and inefficient but also prone to errors, just like any manual work. So instead, let's create a smart action on Forest Admin with AI-powered image recognition. To execute the action, first let's upload a document, e.g. a driver's license.

Driver’s license upload in Forest Admin Action form

Once the document is imported, the admin panel is automatically updated with the information that is there, such as the first name, last name, place and date of birth. The age is automatically calculated based on the latter.

Driver informations extracted by AI

You could already save the new contact in the database, but every AI-powered process requires human verification. Here comes a built-in Forest Admin feature: approval workflows. It allows triggering an action that requires manual approval from another team member, e.g. a manager, in order to execute it.

Profile verification with an approval request

A manager then goes to the Collaboration tab and reviews the list of triggered and pending actions. They can verify the data, leave a note if needed, and approve or reject an action.

Approval request details in Forest Admin

This is only one example of AI-powered operations. Besides using Optical Character Recognition, you can also make your or your team's processes faster and error-free thanks to Natural Language Processing, computations that optimize tasks like Fraud Detection, Supply Chain logistics, or Energy Consumption Analysis, and aggregated metrics that facilitate data analysis. You can take advantage of automated data tagging, sentiment analysis, automated data entry, and much more.

Watch the short video that shows the steps above 👇

Contact us if you need inspiration or get started for free.

I presented the capabilities of Forest Admin AI at the event How AI Powers Exceptional Customer Operations at Hexa's office in Paris in January 2024. You can watch the full recording of the event, including a panel discussion with experts who have built AI-powered products, such as Gladia, Fragment, and Slite.

If you want to start using Approval Workflows, check this short video to learn how to set them up 👇