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Forest Admin Release Notes: August 2023

Curious about our latest product releases? Here is what we launched in August 2023 πŸ₯³ and what we are going to launch soon 🀫

Forest Admin Release Notes: August 2023

August has brought us plenty of exciting product updates. With a game-changing update to Workspaces, numerous powerful widgets in action forms, and the ability for admins to effortlessly export data, there's a lot to explore this month. We also have exciting releases on the horizon, including increased flexibility around permissions and even more widgets. Plus, we're in the final stages of perfecting our integration with Hubspot.

But enough with the teasers – let's get down to the nitty-gritty!

This feature is going to change the way you work with Workspaces. The core element of any Workspace is a collection here you can view any of your data, whether that is customer information, orders or anything you need to store. Now, you have the ability to display data related to another collection, whether it is a OneToMany Relationship or a ManyToMany relationship.

To achieve this, pick 'Relationship' instead of 'Collection' in the Type field, and then select the appropriate Source and Field.

Configuring related data across collections in a workspace

The end result? Related data across collections are displayed with one click.

Displaying related data across collections in a workspace

If you haven't created any Workspace yet, watch this short video to learn how to start and what can you achieve. You can also discover this specific example in the live demo.

πŸŽ‰ Say hello to more flexibility in smart action forms

πŸ’‘ This feature is only available for the new agent Node.js, and it requires coding skills. If you need help with setting it up, ask your admin or a developer.

I'm happy to announce a new list of powerful widgets πŸŽ‰ in smart action forms, and that more of them are launching soon.

Action forms are crucial for smart actions, allowing users to input information before taking action. For example, users may need to provide a reason for blocking a user or canceling a subscription. Various widgets specify how the input is displayed, making daily operations easier for users.

Forest Admin Action Form with new input widget

In response to community feedback, we have recently released your most frequently requested widgets. Check them out below πŸ‘‡

A powerful dropdown widget. In addition to the simple dropdown list that you can see above, we've added the ability to make it fit even the most specific needs. Now, you can:

  • Choose to display labels different from technical values.
  • Activate the search feature to allow users to either pick items from the dropdown list or quickly search for them, e.g. when a salesperson needs to change the status of an order.
  • Generate the dropdown options from the DB depending on the selected records and previous values in the form.

A checkbox widget that allows activating or deactivating a boolean value, whose behavior can be customized. In addition, we released a checkbox group widget that allows selecting multiple values from a list of dynamic options, for example when gathering users' feedback once they cancel their subscription.

A radio group widget that allows selecting one value from a list of dynamic options.

A rich text widget that gives users plenty of formatting flexibility. This is useful when gathering feedback, allowing or moderating comments, or in any action that requires posting longer text.

A text area widget that is useful when you prefer not to allow too much editing flexibility, but rather ask for an unformatted text input.

A number input widget, Β which is particularly useful when asking for any number input, e.g. users' age. Developers can specify the minimum and maximum values allowed.

All the available widgets are described in the documentation.

🀫 More widgets are coming soon

We are rolling out new widgets almost every day. Here is what you can expect very soon:

  • A price widget for a more accurate presentation of financial data.
  • Dynamic search in dropdown widgets.
  • A color picker, a file picker, a date picker, a time picker, an address input, and a user selector.

Export the history of changes

If you are an admin, you need to be able to export changes in permission levels, roles, and teams of your users. We've just made it possible from the Project Settings. Once you export user permissions, a CSV file will be emailed to you.

Users history export button in the project settings

Reconcile your Hubspot data with Forest Admin

Are you an avid user of both Forest Admin and Hubspot? Tired of switching between the tools and updating data manually? We are currently working on the new integration that will allow you to merge your Hubspot data with Forest Admin.

But before we release it, we would love to talk to you to make sure our new integration meets your needs. Please don't hesitate to book a call with our Product team.

Coming soon: More flexibility in enabling permissions

We're currently working on giving you more flexibility not only in widgets, but also in enabling permissions. Soon you will be able to choose the default permission of every new created smart action and collection, saving a lot of manual work.

New on the blog

Last month we announced the integration with Flask, allowing you to generate an admin panel on top of a Flask application. Read how it compares with Flask-Admin, a popular admin panel solution for Flask.

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