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Forest Admin Release Notes: July 2023

Curious about our latest product releases? Here is what we launched in July 2023 🥳 and what we are going to launch soon 🤫

Forest Admin Release Notes: July 2023

While we find ourselves in the midst of summer, it is not idle time at Forest Admin. We've been working hard to release the features you have asked for, and I'm thrilled to give you a tour. Let's dive in!

🔵 🟢 🟠 🔴 ⚪
Change the type of your action button

We know how much you like small but handy features, and we've just released one 🎉

You can now define the colors of the action buttons in your admin panel to make the UI more intuitive. It works both in workspaces and in the collections' settings.

Action type configuration in the collection settings

🎉 Test Environments are now available

As a developer, whenever you wanted to add a new feature to the admin panel, creating a new remote environment was the most common way to test it. However, this flow required contacting an administrator.

Thanks to the new Test Environment that disables all roles, as a developer you can fully embrace the power of our development workflow tools, manually or automatically via scripts in your CI/CD.

🌶️ Forest Admin is available for Flask

Our library of supported tech stacks is continuously growing. After the successful release of Django, Laravel, Symfony, Nest.js, Koa, Fastify, MariaDB, and Supabase, we are excited to introduce our latest addition: Flask 🌶️ .

Now, you can quickly generate an admin panel on top of your Flask app. If you already have one, simply follow a few onboarding steps and give it a try.

Since it is a brand new feature, we are actively seeking beta testers. If you are interested in being one or know someone who might be, please contact us 🙌.

☁️  Cloud onboarding with SSH tunnel

This update is only relevant to our Cloud ☁️  (also called Instant Setup) users. Many of you have asked us to allow you to onboard with an SSH tunnel in order to establish a secure connection to a remote server. This feature is now available, and it's a straightforward process you need to follow right after creating a new project.

Database form in a Cloud Onboarding

🚀 Have you tried adding an n8n workflow to your admin panel?

Last month, we announced our integration of n8n which brought thousands of automations to your admin panel.

Imagine launching a workflow for new user onboarding or invoice management with the click of a button. The possibilities are endless!

If you need inspiration we have two blog posts to help you get started:

🏕️ New case study: Explora Project

Founded at the end of 2018, Explora Project set out with a mission to provide unique, adventurous, and eco-responsible trips to those seeking the thrill of the unknown. The team was looking for a simple, quick, and effective back-office solution, which they found in Forest Admin.

An explora project expedition

🤫 Coming soon  

Besides the new releases, our team is also working on lots of new features that will be announced later. Here is a sneak peek:

  • Our product team is working on improvements to smart action forms, like allowing developers to configure specific widgets instead of the default ones. Let me know if you are using smart action forms and if you have any insights to share!
  • You've already heard about our integration with n8n. What if I told you that Zapier and Make are coming next?
  • Admins will soon be able to export the history of changes in permission levels, roles, and teams.
  • This may be the most exciting announcement of the 'coming soon' section: We're working on a HubSpot integration that will allow you to enrich your data managed in Forest Admin with your CRM data.

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