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The most innovative companies use Forest Admin to build their admin panel

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Forest Admin allowed me to gain valuable development time, which allowed me to focus more energy on my customer-facing product.

Daniel Palumbo
CTO at Pillow

Loved by developers

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With Forest Admin, we very quickly built an onboarding flow for our new customers that streamlines the process and ensures that we have all the data required.

Andrew Snead
Founding Engineer at Lyvly
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We needed to stop interacting directly with the database and APIs and build the right set of internal tools for our team. Forest Admin helped quickly build a custom tool that did exactly what we wanted without us having to change our workflows or adapt our technical stack to fit!

Tyler Evans
Co-founder & CTO at BTC Inc.
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Forest Admin has cut out worthless interactions between engineers and business teams to perform redundant tasks that do not provide long-term value.

Vincent Deschenes
VP of engineering at Moka
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Forest Admin has helped us absorb our technical debt and significantly reduce our maintenance costs.

Vincent Deschenes
VP of engineering at Moka
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With Forest Admin, it has become so much easier to build and maintain our internal fleet management platform.

Louis de Tersant
Chief Information Officer at Ada
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Forest saved us hours of design, development, and maintenance. I can’t imagine the tool we’d be using today if we had to develop it ourselves"

Thomas Dupont
Backend developer at Shadow
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With Forest Admin, we can see and modify all our data in real time straight from our admin panel.

Stefan Dorresteijn
CTO at Sjauf

Easily connect with your stack

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Keep your data secure on your own servers

Our unique architecture ensures your data stays between your servers and your authorised collaborators, and remains invisible to us - and anyone else.

In addition, Forest Admin is compliant with the PCI and SOC2 industry standards.

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