Build the perfect KYC tool for your organisation

Out-of-the-box solutions are inflexible and offer a bad user experience. Building your KYC tool from scratch demands too much design, development and maintenance resources. With Forest Admin, quickly and securely build the perfect KYC tool for your specific needs.

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Spendesk KYC tool

The most innovative Fintech companies manage their KYC process with Forest Admin

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It took me literally 1 min to set up my KYC process on Forest Admin and I don’t have to perform old SQL queries into the raw database to access customers’ information.

Maylis Amram
Customer Success manager at Spendesk

Streamline customer onboarding

Forest Admin comes with all the built-in features for KYC, and is completely customisable so it fits your unique requirements and workflows

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Customer information visualization and edition
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Documents management
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Custom workflows, customer segmentation and more
KYC workflow

Augment your KYC process with best in class technologies of your choice

Forest Admin can integrate with the state of the art solutions for OCR, identity verification, PEP screening, currency management and more, so you can build the KYC tool you need with the best technologies of your choice.

KYC integrations

Keep your data secure on your own servers

Our unique architecture ensures your data stays between your servers and your authorised collaborators, and remains invisible to us - and anyone else.

In addition, Forest Admin is compliant with the PCI and SOC2 industry standards.

KYC security

Secured operations and collaboration

Forest Admin packages security and auditability features to operate with the highest security standards.

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Role based permissions and Approval Workflow
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Activity logs
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2FA and IP whitelisting
KYC collaboration
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