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Forest Admin Release Notes: October 2023

Curious about our latest product releases? Here is what we launched in October 2023 πŸ₯³ and what we are going to launch soon 🀫

Forest Admin Release Notes: October 2023

This month, we have quite a lot of updates to share with you. First, make sure to take a look at new success story videos and written case studies, where our clients share how they improved productivity and efficiency thanks to Forest Admin. Next, check out new product releases and a sneak peek of features that are coming soon. And finally, you still have a chance to join our event in Paris this week.

Success Story: Collective.Work & Forest Admin

Collective.Work is the leading platform for teams of freelancers designed to help ambitious businesses easily assemble and mobilize squads of independent professionals tailored to their specific needs. The team uses Forest Admin as the central hub for all their operations.

Watch this video if you're curious to learn πŸ‘‡

🧩 How one non-dev person has built micro-apps for various teams and centralized them under one roof,

πŸ“Š How to centralize user data, actions, and internal knowledge base on one screen,

πŸš€ How this setup has significantly impacted everyone's productivity (up to 40% of time saved on new users onboarding!)

Join us in Paris to exchange ideas on how to improve the efficiency of Customer Success teams

We have a few last spots available for the upcoming event happening in 2 days in Paris, at Qonto's office. Join us to learn from speakers representing Qonto, Flitter, Motto, and Forest Admin. Gain insights, strategies, and best practices for improving customer operations and driving productivity and satisfaction.

What's new

More flexible UI

We understand that you value UI customization and flexibility, and we have recently added a new feature based on community feedback. It's a small change that can make a big impact - you can now effortlessly adjust the width of any collection table on Forest Admin. Your changes will be saved automatically (no need to do it in the Editor mode) and will only affect your local settings. This means that every user can personalize their UI to suit their screen size and preferences.

πŸ’‘ Tip: if you double-click on the resize handle, it goes back to the default size.

Column size adjustment in Collection View

Copy/paste workspace components

Speaking of flexibility, this one is a small but mighty feature many of you have been waiting for. Whenever you need to add several fields, buttons or other components, you don't have it one by one but simply copy the one you created it and paste it whenever you want to. Simple as that!

Editors can copy and paste workspace components

New filters and export in approval workflows

Last month, we announced a revamped UI for approval workflows and teased new developments, such as more advanced filters and export options. Today, I have good news - they've just arrived πŸŽ‰. If you are not familiar with approval workflows, I recommend watching this video that explains how to set them up to ensure that everyone on the team has the right access to perform the right actions.

Forest Admin is available on Flask 🌢️

It's official πŸŽ‰ Β Flask with sqlalchemy has just joined a list of frameworks supported by Forest Admin, next to Django, Laravel, Symfony, Nest.js, and many more. Under the hood, you will find all the advantages of our brand new agent that before releasing Flask was only available for Node.js (and its frameworks) and PHP - better performance, multiple data source support, less code to write when customizing actions, charts, and fields, and more improvements.

Generating an admin panel on top of a Flask application only takes a few moments, so if you have one, create a project now, and read the official documentation if you need help.

Coming soon

πŸ“¨ Inbox

Approval Workflows are soon going to have the company of an Inbox feature that automatically routes business entries to the operators. Thanks to the Inbox, your team will never again face situations such as:

  • operators working on the same issue at the same time,
  • operators spending time on picking the right issue,
  • operators not getting the most relevant issues, and so on.

If you'd like to talk to us about your experience with inboxing and ticketing systems, please book a call with our Product Team, we'd love to better understand your needs.

πŸ“… Filtering data by date and time

Very soon, we're going to release a new component to Workspaces. A Date Picker component will allow you to quickly display data filtered by specific time and date, for example, only the invoices created last week. Here is a sneak peek, stay tuned next week πŸ‘€

Date filters in a Forest Admin workspace

Case study: From spreadsheets to the robust admin panel

And finally, we'd like to share with you the case study showcasing how LayUp, the leading South African digital recurring payments system for e-commerce and Point of Sale, has built and customized their admin panel to make it the central hub for customer support operations.

LayUp presentation

Here is what Marc Katzwinkel, the Operations Manager at LayUp, said about Forest Admin:

I use Forest Admin extensively every day. (...) From managing dashboards to making edits in the database, Forest Admin is incredibly valuable for me and my role. We have also found it to be highly customizable. There is nothing we haven't been able to build in Forest Admin.

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