How to maximize the efficiency of Customer Success teams

Join Forest Admin, Qonto, Flitter, and Motto to discuss the major challenges faced by CS teams and strategies for improving their productivity and customer satisfaction.
Wednesday, November 8 2023
Qonto, 18 Rue de Navarin, 75009 Paris

Event highlights

  • For professionals in customer success, operations and business development, 2023 has been anything but boring. In a changing world, leaders in the B2B SaaS industry must guide their teams through uncertain times and ensure efficient operations as well as timely support for their customers.
  • Join us for a panel discussion where experts from different fields will share their strategies for handling customer support challenges.
  • You will learn how to centralize business operations to make them more efficient and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • You will also have the opportunity to meet and network with other CS professionals and exchange experiences.


Ali El Alaoui
Head of Operations Engineering at Qonto
Hajer Gorgi
Co-founder & COO at Flitter
Pierre-Francois de Rougé
Co-Founder & CTO at Motto
Paula Beltran
Head of Customer Success at Forest Admin
Louis Steenbrink
Director of Revenue at Forest Admin


Welcome & Networking
Panel Discussion: How to maximize the efficiency of Customer Success teams.
A presentation from Forest Admin about the best practices in centralising and automating CS workflows.
Apéro & Networking

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