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Fast and scalable Admin Panel builder

Sit back and let Forest Admin generate an admin panel on top of your app. Then customise it to match every business scenario.

Forest Admin for all industries and businesses

Forest Admin helps hundreds of large enterprises and small startups to manage their data.

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There is no need to spend thousands on building and maintaining back-office tools in-house. Generate an admin panel on top of your app with Forest Admin and accelerate your business.

Whether you need a quick admin panel to manage your data and processes or an all-in-one internal tool for business operations performed by thousands of team members, Forest Admin makes it quick and easy, allowing you to focus on a customer-facing app.

Generate an Admin Panel from a database and manipulate your data with ease

Don’t just visualize your data — console your data at one place and give your team full control over it. Let them manipulate and organize data in the most convenient way possible, through one simple interface.

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Our Admin panel solution gives you access to all CRUD entries on your data through our core-features, and it also lets you add-on all the custom components to handle your project.

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Organize your data

Forest Admin is not a basic CRUD interface. Our low-code custom software makes you the admin architect of your entire project through the admin console we provide.

Run all CRUD functions, enjoy additional features you can easily configure with no blocks of code needed.

Organize your teams in a way that foments collaboration on tasks and secures operations with our granular permission and ​​approval workflows systems.

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Our responsive admin tools help you stay ahead of what is happening in your business by tracking all the performance indicators you need via our low-code platform that lets you easily integrate third-party tools and tailor your functionalities to your needs.

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Regardless of the filtering or formatting needs you have, with Forest Admin your data, records, and project settings are ready to go whenever you need them and in whatever format you need them.

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Layout Editor

Customize CRUD app with dynamic content editing of the pre-existing tools we generate automatically for you, or enjoy a fully autonomous internal tool building process by deciding exactly what process to create and even which third-party integration you wish to implement.

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Admin panel builder tailored to your business needs

Do you need to go beyond a simple admin panel?

Forest Admin pushes customisation to make sure that we fully adapt to your missions, whether they’d be on a big or small scale. Trigger your own actions with a click of a button, visualize your data in your own way, and reate data connections with ease.

Discover our advanced features

Automating team's processes has never been easier

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Smart Features

Implement your own business logic flawlessly using our custom-tailored Smart Actions, Views, Fields, Relationships and more.

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Simplify collaboration and productivity throughout your business with powerful built-in tools such as notes, comments, and notifications.

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Role-based permissions

Keep control over who has access to certain parts of your admin panel through advanced Forest Admin's user management system.

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Activity Logs

Regardless of how big an active community of users you have, follow the trail of modifications on any item done by any user or a team member, and introduce accountability at key points through an extensive activity log.

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Generate an admin panel on top of your database or application

Whether you need a MySQL, MongoDB, or a PostgreSQL admin panel, a NestJS, ExpressJS or Node.js admin panel, an admin panel for Laravel or Ruby on Rails, everything is possible with Forest Admin. You are not limited to one, we support multiple data sources.

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Create low code admin dashboard with Forest Admin today

Add your data sources, and handle them through one simple interface

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How it works

Start building an admin panel software in four simple steps


Create your panel in just 30 seconds with Forest Admin Cloud.

Just connect your database and go.

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Once your admin panel is generated, data manipulation, visualisation and collaboration features are available to non-dev team members out-of-the-box.

There is no need to code features like advanced granular roles and permissions system, export, or a queue of records - Forest Admin has it all.

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Everything you get in your admin panel is customizable.

First, customize your UI using the no-code layout editor, all through a simple click of a button.

Then, build micro-apps for unique business workflows with no-code editor.

Finally, Forest Admin Cloud is the only admin panel solution that gives you access to the underlying code, opening unlimited customization options.

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Turn your admin panel into the central hub for all customer operations thanks to native integrations of Forest Admin with Zapier, Make, and n8n.

With just a few clicks, you can have thousands of workflows under one roof.

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Flexibility of a SaaS admin panel without compromising on security

Forest Admin Icon Business Grade Security

Business-grade security

With scalability comes great responsibility. In order to meet all our clients’ needs, we provide a business-grade level of security, including features such as enforced 2FA, IP whitelisting, and more.

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Data privacy and security at the core

Product security is of paramount importance at Forest Admin. Regardless of the installation method, Forest Admin offers robust measures to safeguard sensitive information.

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Industry standard
certifications of our clients

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Ready for the admin panel features that fit all your needs?

Create custom internal tools in minutes and discover how Forest Admin can streamline your operations today.

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How to build an admin panel with Forest Admin: FAQ

How to design an admin panel for a website?

As already mentioned, once you install Forest Admin, is generates an admin dashboard out-of-the-box. However, you can still customise to fit your needs. Thanks to Workspaces, you can design your own admin panel that shows only the data you need with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. There is no need to ask your tech and UX teams for help.

Can I build an admin dashboard with Forest Admin?

Yes, Forest Admin is by definition a custom admin panel builder. From simple CRUD apps to larger projects, our solution enables you to create your own custom charts, so you can design admin dashboards relevant to your business. 

Does Forest Admin allow customization?

Yes, once you've installed Forest Admin, you can take advantage of smart features to achieve extensive customization and turn your Forest Admin into a fully-featured admin dashboard, KYC solution, or any other back-office tool.

How much does it cost to build an admin panel with Forest Admin?

You can start building your admin panel for free, and invite as many team members as you want. Then, once you need more advanced features like SSO, advanced team-based filters, or a custom domain, you can choose between various plans for both small startups and large companies.

How to build an admin dashboard with Forest Admin?

Once you create an account for your project, and connect Forest Admin to your datasource, Forest Admin will retrieve the collections from your app and generate a ready-to-use administration panel. From there, you can customize everything by building components from scratch to optimize your workflows. Forest Admin provides extensive official documentation and is backed by a strong community that feeds into our active community forum.

How to install Forest Admin?

Installing Forest Admin only takes a few quick and simple steps. Create a free account, name your project, and select your datasource. You'll have a few command lines to run and your admin panel will be up and running, with lots of features out-of-the-box, and ready to customize to meet your business needs.