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Forest Admin is your go-to solution for generating a professional-looking, flexible, multipurpose admin panel for Node.js applications.
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By leveraging our admin panel integration solutions, you can cut down development time and start using your auto-generated NodeJS admin panel right away.
Easily generate a full admin panel with only a database URI
Or deploy on your own servers for full ownership of your backend
Highly customizable

Customize your admin panel to suit your team's needs

Forest Admin Cloud offers SaaS flexibility and home-made customization, allowing non-technical team members to adapt admin panels for unique business scenarios.
Organise your data visually to suit your business needs.
Save time on the most common operations.
Manage your views to increase efficiency.
30+ out-of-the-box features

Ship a Node admin panel with auto-generated components

Forest Admin isn’t only a tool to centralize and showcase your data, but also to change it, interact with it, and use it however you want to.


Instantly benefit from out-of-the-box. Create, Read, Update, Delete operations. Easily extend or override any API routes' with your custom logic.

Search & filters

Easily dig into your data, and save pre-filtered dynamic views. Easily export filtered data in multiple formats.

Role-based permissions

Make sure your team members access only and exactly the data they need thanks to the most advanced and granular access control system among all internal tool solutions.


Monitor KPIs by creating charts and dashboards in a few clicks. Enhance your dashboard with custom-coded charts with any display, from any endpoint.

No-code visual editor

Easily customise your admin panel with drag-and-drop UI editor. Create custom interfaces for easy access to specific workflows.

Developer features

Build unlimited custom actions integrated with your API with a couple lines of code. Create advanced filters, concatenate and customize your DB fields to make them user-friendly, and more.
Use cases

Discover what you can build with Forest Admin

Looking for inspiration on how to use Forest Admin? Explore how Forest Admin can help you save time and boost productivity with real-world examples from our satisfied customers.
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Real Estate

Forest Admin's comprehensive back-office solution for real estate can streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and provide a better customer experience. With our customizable interfaces and dashboards, you can see all your company's properties in a visually attractive way including pictures, location, price and margin. You can search these records and segment them into workflows for the responsible account managers.

Live demo


In this demo, we show you how our comprehensive solution can help your SaaS company streamline its operations, improve efficiency, and deliver a better experience for your users.

Live demo


Forest Admin's comprehensive e-commerce solution can streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and provide a better customer experience. With our customizable interfaces and dashboards, you can easily manage inventory, orders, and customer data in real-time while seamlessly integrating with other software systems.

Live demo

Fleet Management

Fleet management is an essential and difficult task for Operations teams working in the mobility industry that need to perform live car tracking, maintenance management, occupation rate optimization, booking management, routing, and performance monitoring.

Live demo

Transactions Monitoring

Fraud detection and transactions management are a critical requirement for Fintech companies that need to cope with increasing digital frauds (such as phishing, identity fraud, account or transaction fraud). Most companies use powerful Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms in order to quickly detect and prevent fraud.

Live demo

KYC Use case

Forest Admin helped dozens of companies ship a fast and comprehensive KYC solution with business security level in a few hours. Try it yourself, save weeks of development time, and empower your operational teams with KYC tools that let them access and process user information incredibly fast.

Live demo
Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked about our Node.js integration

Forest Admin isn’t only a tool to centralize and showcase your data, but also to change it, interact with it, and use it however you want to.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, you can test all the functionalities of Forest Admin for free. First, create an account and get immediate access to your Node backoffice in the free plan Then, once you want to test paid features, you can enable the trial and get access to a fully-functional free Node.js admin panel for 14 days.

How to build a Node.js admin panel with Forest Admin?

Create a free account on Forest Admin, start a new project, and follow the onboarding instructions. Forest Admin will retrieve the collections from your Node.js app and generate an up-and-running Node backoffice. From there, you can start customizing your NodeJS frontend app, adding Node admin dashboards, and creating custom workflows.

Can I build a Node admin dashboard with Forest Admin?

Yes, a NodeJS admin panel generator from Forest Admin gives you access to several out-of-the-box visualization components, on top of which you can create your own custom charts, making it easy to build great Node.js admin dashboards for your apps.

Does Forest Admin allow Node.js admin customization?

Forest Admin gives you several options out-of-the-box options to customize your Node.js admin panel. You can use a drag-and-drop UI editor to customize your layout, build workspaces - custom interfaces with no-code components, change the order of different elements, and so on. It's also possible to code your custom actions, views, workflows, charts, and more. Custom Actions: go beyond basic CRUD operations and customize your Node.js admin panel with your custom logic. ‍Custom Fields: combine fields to use in your internal tool without altering your database. ‍Custom HTML/CSS: customize the way you want to see your data, from maps to galleries. ‍And more, from custom charts to virtual relationships between your collections.

What is Forest Admin pricing for Node.js admin panels?

Forest Admin for Node.js is available on our regular plans. You can start building your Node.js admin panel for free.

How to install Forest Admin for Node.js?

Installing Forest Admin for Node.js only takes a few steps. Sign up or log in to your account and select Node.js, and then Express/Sequelize, Express/Mongoose, NestJS, Koa, or Fastify as a data source. You'll have a few command lines to run and your Node admin panel will be up and running, and ready to customize. If you need to build a Node.js admin panel with MongoDB, a Node MySQL admin panel, or to connect another database like Postgres, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, or Supabase, you can choose it as a data source during the onboarding. Forest Admin also supports adding multiple data sources!
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Thousands of companies built their back-office with Forest Admin

Loved by developers and non-technical end users alike, Forest Admin has become the weapon of choice when it comes to building a powerful back-office. Thanks to its flexibility and customization options, both new startups and well-established unicorns rely on Forest Admin to perform internal operations.
Stefan Dorresteijn
CTO @ Sjauf

With Forest Admin it has become extremely easy to moderate our customer base. Now we can see and modify all our data in real time straight from our admin panel.

Maxime Sraïki
VP Tech @ BAM (Theodo Group)

As an architect, I have developed 10+ admin panels with open-source frameworks and third-party solutions like Forest Admin. My preference now goes to Forest Admin both when I want to create a quick MVP for personal projects and when I need to build a strong internal tool with high security, audit trails and the ability for operations to customize their tool autonomously.

Thomas Dupont
Web Back-End Developer @ Shadow

Forest Admin saved us hours of design, development, and maintenance. I can’t imagine the tool we’d be using today if we had to develop it ourselves.

Maylis Amram
Customer Success Manager @ Spendesk

With Forest Admin I no longer have to leave my admin panel to answer customer emails or cancel orders and their related payments. Everything is performed in the same place. It’s truly helpful to me, keeping the same context throughout all my customer success operations.


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