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Quickly build instantly operational applications on top of your MySQL database using Forest Admin as your MySQL GUI. Free trial, no credit card required.

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Forest Admin saved us hours of design, development, and maintenance. I can't imagine the tool we'd be using today if we had develop it ourselves.

Thomas Dupont
Web back-end developer at Shadow

Internal tools for all industries and businesses

Forest Admin helps hundreds of large enterprises and small startups to manage their data.

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Avoid spending weeks on building and maintaining an admin panel for your business team

Connect to your MySQL database in 5 minutes

Forest Admin lets you run raw SQL (or issue commands via GUI) to manage the data in your MySQL tables.

For example, you can create an automated workflow that lets non-tech users execute SQL queries with just one click on a button. Your business team will thank you for helping their productivity skyrocket! šŸš€

Build faster with low code components

Forest Admin gives you access to many of different pre-built UI components like multiple dashboards and charts to visualise your data.

You can ship approval workflows with automatic actions like sending SMS or charging a credit card with Stripe in a few moments, without engaging Product, UX, and/or Design teams.

100% customizable

Forest Admin allows you to filter and segment all groups of records in your database to match exactly what you have in mind.

You can customise your admin panel to your own needs thanks to tables, text boxes, dropdowns... The sky is the limit.

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These are just examples of how a MySQL admin panel built with Forest Admin can look like


A tailor-made solution built for a car rental company that lets them track, automate, and improve fleet operations.

Financial Services

A highly efficient and secure solution for fintech companies that lets them monitor transactions, detect fraud, and perform KYC operations.

How it works

Ready to go in four simple steps


Create your panel in just 30 seconds with Forest Admin Cloud.

Just connect your database and go.

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Once your admin panel is generated, data manipulation, visualisation and collaboration features are available to non-dev team members out-of-the-box.

There is no need to code features like advanced granular roles and permissions system, export, or a queue of records - Forest Admin has it all.

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Everything you get in your admin panel is customizable.

First, customize your UI using the no-code layout editor, all through a simple click of a button.

Then, build micro-apps for unique business workflows with no-code editor.

Finally, Forest Admin Cloud is the only admin panel solution that gives you access to the underlying code, opening unlimited customization options.

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Turn your admin panel into the central hub for all customer operations thanks to native integrations of Forest Admin with Zapier, Make, and n8n.

With just a few clicks, you can have thousands of workflows under one roof.

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Business-grade security

With scalability comes great responsibility. In order to meet all our clientsā€™ needs, we provide a business-grade level of security, including features such as enforced 2FA, IP whitelisting, and more.

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Data privacy and security at the core

Product security is of paramount importance at Forest Admin. Regardless of the installation method, Forest Admin offers robust measures to safeguard sensitive information.

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Industry standard
certifications of our clients

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